Welcome to the Smith-Hutson Scholars Program

History of the Program

The Smith-Hutson Scholars Program was founded at Lamar University in 2012. This program is funded by an anonymous donor, and we currently have 70 students enrolled and on scholarship. The scholarship along with all other grants and scholarship funds will cover between 90% - 95% of the student's bill. Scholars who are selected will also be given a book stipend each semester. Our mission at Lamar University with the Smith-Hutson Scholarship Program is to assist students financially by helping guide them on their college journey to becoming successful leaders within the work place. Student's are selected to interview with the foundation in order to be part of this prestigious scholars program. 

As one of five participating institutions, we are Cardinal proud to have the Smith-Hutson Scholars Program at Lamar University! In 2022, we celebrated 10 years of scholars at LU.


Application Dates:

Open: September 1st

Close: January 31st

Interviews: April

Smith-Hutson Scholarship Applications are OPEN for the 24-25 school year.

Incoming freshman and transfer students with at least 60 degree plan credited hours are invited to apply.

Program Requirements

  • Once accepted into the program, students are required to maintain a minimum of 15 hours each semester and a cumulative 2.5 GPA.
  • In the first semester, a Smith-Hutson Scholar must enroll in a 1-credit hour course, free of charge, as a requirement of the foundation.
  • A minimum semester GPA of 2.0 is required. If a 2.0 is not met, immediate termination from the program will take place.
  • Probationary periods are offered at the discretion of the foundation.
  • Communication and cooperation with the Smith-Hutson Scholars Program Coordinator at Lamar University is required. You will be expected to check-in and meet with the coordinator throughout the semester to maintain good standing in the program.

Advantages of the Program

  • Leadership opportunities
    • Smith-Hutson Council
      • The purpose of the council is the improve the camaraderie of the program and service the surrounding community with leadership and integrity.
    • PALs
      • The program values leadership, academics, service and community. The Peer Assistance and Leadership Program (PAL) is a tool for Freshman scholars to build friendships and establish connections within the scholarship program. We work with other campus groups to connect students and resources.
  • Community service/events
  • Specialized tutoring


Are you a former scholar that would like to be more involved with the Smith-Hutson program? Lamar University has over 100 Smith-Hutson alumni and all are welcome to participate. Whether its coming to an event, or sitting on an interview panel - the options are endless! If you would like to be more involved, please contact the coordinator at the email below.

Contact the Coordinator

Email: scholarships@lamar.edu

Phone: 409-880-1714

Location: Student Aid Office - Wimberly Building, 2nd floor

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can apply?
    • Incoming freshman who have just completed high school as of Spring 2024 and plan to enter LU for the Fall 2024 semester
    • Transfer students who have obtained an associates degree or completed a minimum of 60 degree plan credit hours
    • Must be a Texas Resident
    • Entering freshman must be unmarried with no children
    • Must complete an application by the deadline in myScholarships and must demonstrate financial need by submitting a FAFSA for the upcoming school year by the application deadline date of January 31st.
  • How should I apply?

    All students will need to be admitted before they can submit an application. Please follow the steps below to apply!

    • Submit an admissions application for the 2024-2025 aid year on Apply Texas
    • Once admitted, you will receive your LEA username and how to access your email
    • Login to your Lamar University Email account with your temporary password to setup your email
    • Must complete an application by the deadline in myScholarships and must demonstrate financial need by submitting a FAFSA for the upcoming school year by the application deadline date of January 31st.
    • If selected, participate in an in-person interview

    All applicants will be required to submit an essay, two letters of recommendation, and their Fall 2023 transcript. 

  • What do I do once I am awarded?
    • Students must accept their award at myScholarships and complete the thank you letter requirement prior to the first day of class. 
    • Incoming freshman who are awarded the Smith-Hutson Scholarship are eligible for up to four years, or 8 semesters of funding while obtaining their bachelors degree
    • Transfer students who are awarded the Smith-Hutson Scholarship are eligible for up to two years, or four semesters of funding while obtaining their bachelors degree
    • Register for courses - the program only covers fall and spring semesters. Some majors do require summer courses as part of the degree plan. Please discuss with the coordinator for further clarification.
    • Register for the 1-credit hour required course by the Smith-Hutson Foundation
    • Your semester funds, once enrolled, will show on your student account 10 days prior to the first day of class. 
  • What are the requirements to maintain good standing in the program?
    • Must be enrolled in 15 hours each semester
    • Must maintain a 2.5 overall GPA
    • Must maintain a 2.0 semester GPA or immediate termination will take place
    • Cannot participate in a sorority or fraternity their first year on campus
    • Must submit a FAFSA application every year and complete all requirements for Financial Aid by the February 1 priority deadline
    • Must remain unmarried with no children (transfer students are excluded)
    • Must attend all Smith-Hutson Scholarship events
      • Formal fall banquet
      • Other events planned throughout the semester (no more than 3)

    **All students selected to receive the scholarship will receive a handbook with guidelines to ensure their understanding and expectations of the program. Please consult with the coordinator if there are any questions or concerns about the handbook.

  • Does the scholarship program automatically renew or do applicants need to reapply each year?

    The scholarship will continue to renew each year as long as all requirements are met. This scholarship will remain in place for a specific amount of time, based on the foundations initial award, or until the obtainment of your bachelors degree (whichever comes first).

    You will need to reaccept and submit the thank you letter each academic year, prior to the first day of class each fall.