Important Updates

On July 13, 2021, the U.S. Department of Education announced changes to Verification for the 2021-2022 award year.  Institutions are no longer required to verify the household size, number in college, or tax and income information for students selected by the Central Processing System for Verification. As a result of this waiver, Lamar University will no longer require students to submit the applicable verification documents for the 2021-2022 aid year unless needed to resolve conflicting information that has been identified by the Financial Aid Office. This waiver does not apply to the Identity/Statement of Educational Purpose and High School Completion Status under Verification Tracking Groups V4 & V5, students in these two Verification Tracking Groups are still required to submit the Identity and Statement of Educational Purpose and High School Completion Verification worksheets along with applicable documentation to receive a financial aid award.   

Updates to financial aid requirements in the self-service banner system will begin immediately to address this new guidance.  If selected for verification, please continue to monitor your self-service banner account for updates to your account.

Upcoming Important Dates

 April  20 | 2021-2022

  • Spring 22 Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) final appeal deadline 

May 1 | 2022-2023 

  • Priority deadline to complete verification for First Time in College (FTIC) and certain transfer students

May 21| 2021-2022

  • Summer 22 disbursements begin for students starting May 31st

July 15 | 2022-2023 

  • Priority deadline to complete verification (Excluding First Time in College (FTIC) and certain transfer students, see May 1 deadline above.)

Special Circumstance Request

If the information filed on your FAFSA does not reflect your current financial situation due to "Special Circumstances", you may submit a request to adjust the data on your FAFSA, to more accurately reflect you and/or your family's current financial situation.  Please note, approval for these request are at the discretion of the financial aid administrator.  You must be able to document your special circumstance.  


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Students are only eligible to receive financial aid for classes that count towards their degree, certificate, or other recognized credential.  With the exception of eligible remedial classes, taking classes outside of your degree or certificate program will affect your financial aid.



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