Check Your Status


Log into Self Service Banner

User Name: Your Student ID beginning with "L"

PIN: Birthday MMDDYY (you will be required to change your pin for security reasons once you log in the first time)


Click on Financial Aid

a. View Required Documents you must turn in to our office

  1. Click Eligibility
  2. Choose Appropriate Aid Year
  3. Click Student Requirements (anything you need to turn in will be listed as "REQUIRED")

b. Accept Award Package

  1. Click Award
  2. Click Award for Aid Year
  3. Choose Appropriate Aid Year
  4. Click Accept Award Offer (Award types highlighted in blue have important information listed if you click the link)

Click on Student

a. View Your Bill

  1. Click Account Summary; or
  2. Click Account Summary by Term

If you accept loans you will have additional requirements to complete at The requirements will be added to your Student Requirements list after you accept loan awards. (These can take up to 5 business days to update as satisfied in your Self Service requirements screen once completed.)

Student Requirements may be hand delivered, mailed, or uploaded through SSB.  Incomplete paperwork will not be accepted. Be sure to read all forms and provide all documentation requested to ensure timely processing of your award package. Students financial aid packages may be delayed  until the proper documents have been received and processed.