Upload Documents Using Self-Service Banner

You are now able to securely submit certain financial aid documents through SSB.  Follow the steps below to view and submit your financial aid requirements directly to our office.

View all Financial Aid Requirements

  1. Visit www.lamar.edu
  2. Select LU Connect
  3. Click on Students
  4. Choose Self-Service Banner and logon
  5. Click on the Financial Aid tab
  6. Select Eligibility
  7. Choose the Appropriate Aid Year
  8. Click on Student Requirements

Print, complete, and save the worksheets.

(Some worksheets require additional documentation, please read carefully.) Once you have saved the completed worksheets and gathered any additional documents, you are ready to upload.

To Upload

  1. Repeat steps 1-5 above
  2. Select Upload Missing Required Documents
  3. Choose the Appropriate Aid Year 
  4. Select which document you will be uploading from the drop down list 
  5. Upload the saved worksheets  and submit

Tips for Successful Submission

  1. Make sure all forms are legible
  2. Complete forms using black or blue ink
  3. Review all documents before submitting
  4. Documents that require a signature must have a handwritten signature
  5. Check the document size (must be under 2000 KB)

Please note that not all Financial Aid requirements are eligible for the upload process.  It is your responsibility to make sure all of the requirements listed on your SSB are complete.