Section 1 - Purpose and Functions

Policy Number: 1.2


Revised: 10/01/03; 1/01/07

1. Organization and Jurisdiction: The Office of Human Resources provides human resource administrative and support services to all offices and departments of Lamar University. The activities of the Office of Human Resources are supervised by the Associate Vice President for Human Resources. The Office of Human Resources reports to the Vice President for Finance and Operations.

2. General Responsibilities to Staff Members: The Office of Human Resources has specific responsibilities for staff human resource functions in the following areas:

2.1 Recruitment and Employment: Human Resources is responsible for maintaining a centralized employment office. The recruitment and employment functions of Human Resources include, but are not restricted to, the following:

2.1.1 accepting requests from all offices and departments of the University for employment of staff personnel, both supervisory and non-supervisory;

2.1.2 recruiting, and screening applicants for administrative, classified and other staff positions;

2.1.3 referring employable applicants to requesting offices and departments;

2.1.4 reviewing screening/selection procedures used by departments prior to hiring approval; extending the offer of employment to applicants selected for classified positions; and processing all new employees. No offers of employment may be extended to any prospective staff employees except through the Office of Human Resources; any such offers shall be null and void and may subject the offeror to discipline.

2.2 Human Resource Policies and Procedures: Human Resources is responsible for the formulation of new or revised human resource policies and procedures within the scope of existing statutes and regulations.

2.3 Job Classification and Compensation Administration: Human Resources is responsible for the development and maintenance of the institution's Classification System/Pay Plan. It will monitor classification and compensation of positions in order to insure standardization and consistency in the system, internal equity of positions within the University, and salary relationship to market pricing. It will attempt to maintain uniform salary treatment of employees engaged in comparable work, recognizing the variable of market pricing. For purposes of recruitment, testing, orientation, training, transfer and promotion of employees, Human Resources will verify, by written descriptions and job analysis, the requirements of all classified positions.

2.4 Equal Employment Opportunity Program: Human Resources will assist with the equal employment efforts outlined in the Lamar University EEO Program.

2.5 Employee Relations: The Office of Human Resources shall strive to maintain good staff-management relationships and promote a problem-solving work environment by administering the university policies, provide counseling for supervisors and employees, provide mediation services and Employee Assistance Program referral, and oversee the Appeal and Grievance Policy/Procedure.

2.6 Staff Performance Evaluation Program: The Office of Human Resources is responsible for the development and maintenance of procedures for evaluating the performance of staff members. It assists other University offices and departments in the evaluation process, particularly in encouraging standardization of evaluation areas and uniformity of interpretation; investigating the relation of such appraisals to wage and salary administration; and submitting appropriate recommendations. This program is offered for the purpose of staff development and communication only and shall not be construed as limiting in any way the University’s authority to terminate employees at will.

3. General Responsibilities to Faculty and Staff: Human Resources is responsible for both faculty (academic) and staff (non-academic) members in the following areas:

3.1 Personnel Records: Human Resources is responsible for the development and maintenance of a centralized personnel records file. All requests from outside sources for employee information, employee reference checks, and verification of employment, are the direct responsibility of Human Resources. Human Resources will also maintain records on all individual applications for nonacademic positions with Lamar University.

3.2 Training Programs: Human Resources is responsible for developing and conducting training programs for the improvement of job performance of managers, supervisors, and employees.

3.3 Employee Benefits (Insurance and Retirement Programs): Human Resources is responsible for administering the University's Group Insurance and Retirement programs, making these programs available to employees, and assisting employees in the resolution of problems. Human Resources will also provide retirement counseling for employees who desire it.

3.4 Unemployment Compensation: Human Resources is responsible for compliance with the Texas Unemployment Compensation Act, handling all unemployment compensation claims, and developing procedures to insure that claims are held to a minimum.

3.5 Workers' Compensation: Human Resources is responsible for administering the State Workers' Compensation Program, processing claims, and maintaining required records.

3.6 Family Medical Leave: The Office of Human Resources is responsible for counseling employees, approval of, and administration of the Family Medical Leave Act and the associated benefits.

3.7 Compliance with State and Federal Regulations: Human Resources is responsible for insuring that the University, its offices and departments comply with the various State and Federal regulations regarding all human resource procedures.

3.8 New Faculty/Staff Orientation: Human Resources is responsible for providing New Employee Orientation which includes: the mandatory distribution of certain policies and, an explanation of and enrollment in the University's benefit programs. These orientation sessions will be scheduled regularly to insure that new employees are familiar with the University and are enrolled in the available insurance and retirement programs in a timely manner.

3.9 Exit Interview: Human Resources is responsible for administering the exit interview process for employees terminating employment. Terminating employees will be advised regarding withdrawal of their retirement contributions, processing retirement forms if they are terminating due to retirement, canceling insurance, or converting from group to individual coverage, etc. At the time of the exit interview, Human Resources will record the reason(s) for the employee's termination.

3.10 Faculty Recruitment/Selection: Human Resources will complete the necessary paperwork to open a position and assist the search committees in meeting the guidelines for non-discriminatory hire. All applications and Vitas will be received in the Office of Human Resources and forwarded to the designated search committee or administrator. Records of the search and selection will be sent to Human Resources upon the approval of the recommended hire. Approval of the selection is dependent upon the anti discrimination review by the appropriate dean and the review and acceptance by the Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs.