6.1: Official Work Week and Hours of Work, Place of Work


Issued: 4/1/00

Revised: 6/1/09

1. Official Work Week and Working Hours: The University's normal work week begins at 12:01 A.M. Saturday and ends at midnight the following Friday. State law sets the minimum work week for regular full-time salaried employees at forty (40) hours.1 Administrative and departmental offices will be open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday, except on designated holidays 2 Offices shall remain open during the noon hour each working day with at least one person on duty to accept calls, receive visitors, or transact business.3 Departments that are prevented from remaining open throughout the normal workday because of structure, size or function shall arrange telephone coverage during the periods that personnel are not available. Schedules may be shifted to provide for Saturday and Sunday needs in some departments; however, the time worked on such days counts toward the forty (40) hours per week required above.4 Exceptions will be made for legal holidays authorized by the current General Appropriations Bill and promulgated by the President.

2. Service Departments: Service department personnel will normally observe the forty (40) hour work week; however, because of service department operations, employees may have different work schedules and may be subject to call on a standby basis for emergencies, special events, and in unusual circumstances. The regular hours will, however, be compensated in accordance with state law.

3. Lunch Periods: Employees are entitled to a maximum of a 1 hour lunch period. Lunch periods are to be scheduled by supervisors to ensure that work requirements are effectively continued. If lunches are taken on University property, employees are expected to adhere to University rules and standards.

4. Rest Periods: Workload permitting, a rest period of not more than fifteen (15) minutes during the first half of a regular workday and not more than fifteen (15) minutes during the second half of a regular workday is permitted for full-time employees. Part-time employees who are scheduled to work four (4) hours or more but less than a full day will be afforded one fifteen (15) minute rest period. Breaks are dependent on work schedule and supervisory approval.

Rest periods cannot be accumulated for use at a later date nor used to shorten the regular workday or lengthen the lunch period. In all instances, the utilization of rest periods is subject to the workload demands of the organizational unit as determined by the supervisor. During break periods, the employee is on paid leave and all normal standards of conduct should apply.

5. Observance of Regulations: Each staff member must observe the regular work schedule for his/her work location. Absence from duty must be accounted for under established leave policies on approved leave forms. In no case shall an employee be paid for unaccounted time. Failure to properly notify a supervisor concerning an absence and to receive necessary permission may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination. Any individual who is consistently late for work, or who does not return from rest periods or lunch periods promptly, is subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination. The staff member is responsible for notifying the supervisor close to the opening of the work day if he/she will be late or absent from work. When it is necessary to leave work early; the staff member is to make necessary arrangements with the supervisor prior to the time of departure.

6. Place of Work: Employees must, during normal working hours, conduct agency business only at their regular place of business or assigned duty points unless they are on travel status or have received prior written authorization from the administrator of the employing agency. An employee’s personal residence may not be considered to be their regular place of business or duty point without the written authorization of the President of the University.5


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