4.1: Types of Staff Appointments


Issued: 4/1/00

Revised: 05/01/02

1. Appointment Types: The staff member's appointment type defines the relationship between the University and the individual performing the work. Types of staff appointments are as follows:

1.1 Regular Appointment: A regular appointment occurs when a person is appointed to a continuing monthly salaried position for four and one-half (4 1/2) months or more, for twenty (20) hours or more each week. Employees with regular appointments are eligible for all University benefit programs.

1.1.1 Regular Full-Time: A regular appointment on a work schedule of forty (40) hours each week (100%FTE) for no less than 4.5 consecutive months.

1.1.2 Regular Part-Time: A regular appointment on a work schedule of at least twenty (20) but less than forty (40) hours each week (50%-99%).

1.2 Temporary Appointment: A temporary appointment occurs when a person is appointed to a position of short duration, intermittent in nature, or in a position where it is clearly impractical to employ on a continuing monthly salaried basis for as long as four and one-half (4 1/2) months, or more than 20 hours a week. A temporary employee will be employed on an hourly rate basis. Individuals in positions that do not meet the definition of "regular employment" are not eligible for University benefit programs except where specified.

1.2.1 Temporary Full-Time: A temporary appointment on a work schedule basis of forty (40) hours each week not to exceed consecutive 4.5 months.

1.2.2 Temporary Part-Time: A temporary appointment on a work schedule basis of less than forty (40) hours each week not to exceed 4.5 consecutive months.

1.3 Trainee Appointment: An individual who, through lack of specific skills or experience, may be employed as a trainee. The training period is flexible and is agreed upon by the employing department and the Director of Human Resources. Upon completion of the training period, the trainee appointment shall be converted to a regular appointment.

1.4 Orientation to Employment Appointment: A new employee selected to receive a regular appointment to a staff position shall serve an orientation period of six (6) months. All newly appointed, sworn police officers for Lamar University are subject to an orientation period of twelve (12) months. This period begins on the officer's first day of field training rather than the initial date of hire. During the orientation period, the employee will be evaluated by the supervisor to determine the individual’s ability to perform the job functions. Upon successful completion of the orientation period, the orientation status is converted to a regular status. Nothing in the conversion to regular status shall be interpreted as guaranteeing continued employment or an abrogation of the University’s employment-at-will policy.

1.4.1 New employees who have 6 or more months of prior State service will not be restricted from using their vacation. New employees who have no prior State service or less than 6 months of service will not be eligible to take vacation time until the completion of the orientation or probationary period.

1.5 Hourly Appointment: An Hourly Appointment is used when someone is appointed to a temporary position and is compensated on an hourly basis for only the actual number of hours worked. This should occur when the appointment is for a short period of time (less than 4 1/2 months), or when the employee will be working less than twenty (20) hours per week.