Graduate Programs

Lamar has low tuition costs, low cost of living, small class sizes, near many industrial employers in Beaumont and Houston, and tight connections between faculty and students. Our faculty teach courses and conduct research in Manufacturing, Automation, Operations Research, Reliability, Data Mining, Supply Chain Management, Six Sigma, Lean, Project Management, Safety, Human Factors, Ergonomics, and Logistics. 

Based on reviewing job posting and feedback from alumni, the department in fall 2020 determined that software skills were key to finding a job and succeeding in the labor market. The department created a unique problem-based Applied Programming where students learn python to implement industrial engineering solutions. The course assumes students have no background in programming and Python. The department also teaches a wide range software skills in our coursework including Python, JavaScript, SQL, PLC Programming with Rockwell RSLogix, R, JavaScript, and Autodesk Fusion 360 to implement the ideas presented in our coursework.

Using electives, students can earn a Machine Learning Certificate or ERP Certificate focused on SAP as part of their studies. The department allows student to take courses in other engineering department, the business school (ERP with SAP, CRM with SAP, Project Management with Primavera, and similar courses) and computer science. 

Qualified graduate students (based on transcripts, GRE and TOEFL/IELTS) will be offered an out-of-state tuition waiver plus a $1,000/year general graduate scholarship. With this scholarship, the student only needs to pay in-state tuition, which is significantly lower than the full tuition. Highly qualified doctoral students are offered assistantships or fellowships with partial tuition waivers.

Lamar University College of Engineering offers the following graduate degree programs with a focus on Industrial Engineering:

Please watch the alumni video at the top of the page and the programs overview video at the end of the page for additional information.