Master of Engineering Management

The Master of Engineering Management is a non-thesis degree program that can be completed on campus or online. The degree teaches both management and advanced technical skills to prepare students for the job market. The program uses courses from the College of Engineering, College of Business and Computer Science.  Our students study topics that are in demand including Automation and Robotics, Project Management, AI and Machine Learning, Supply Chain Management, ERP and Software Development.

The MEM program is STEM-qualified for purposes of OPT USCIS regulations.  

*During the COVID-19 pandemic, Lamar University College of Engineering has temporarily waived the requirement to take the GRE for admission consideration for masters students. Applications will be evaluated based on academic record.*

Admission Requirements

Admission standards are designed to ensure that all enrolled students are qualified professionals serving in a leadership role in their engineering discipline. The primary requirements are as follows:

  1. B.S. in Engineering, Computer Science, Physics, Math, Chemistry, or Equivalent (Transcripts required).  
  2. Graduate Record Examination (GRE) Scores. GRE is not required for students who graduated with a B.Sc. degree in engineering from universities with ABET accredited programs.
  3. If English is a second language, obtain the minimum scores in IELTS or TOEFL according to the latest University policy.

Degree Structure

Completion of a minimum of at least 30 hours of course work approved by the advisor from the College of Engineering, College of Business and the College of Arts and Sciences. Course work is tailored specifically to the needs of the student, but generally has approximately one third of the courses in the general area of technical management, one third in Business Administration, and one third in the student's technical discipline. 

Students can focus their degree in Automation and Robotics, Civil Engineering, Construction Management, Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Project Management, Management Information Systems (ERPs-SAP), AI and Machine Learning, and Web-Mobile-Analytics development.

Why study a Master of Engineering Management at Lamar?

  1. Affordable. Lamar University is affordable with many students offered scholarships that come with in-state tuition.
  2. Flexible. Each student needs, backgrounds and future career plan is addressed individually to generate a course work that fits the student’s professional goals.
  3. Online and Face-to-face courses available
  4. Focused on current job opportunities and technology. We constantly review our courses to synchronize them with the job market.
  5. Small classes. 
  6. Diversity of peers. The program has enrollment from students from several nationalities, including Asia, Africa, North America, Middle East, and South America.
  7. Independence and accountability. Students have the opportunity to develop their individuality by selecting their path and taking responsibility of their long term career assisted by full time faculty and advisors.
  8. Preparing students for real life. MEM program balances advanced technology and soft skills including interpersonal, management, communication, entrepreneurship, and leadership skills that are necessary to succeed in the competitive job marketplace.
  9. Global perspective. The faculty that teaches courses for the Master of Engineering Management have worked in all corners of the world and introduce their perspective to the students.
  10. Friendly campus. Lamar University has a welcoming campus life. Students engage in sports and recreational activities including singing, theater, entertainment events and more.
  11. Internships available. Students can enroll in internships to develop their skills, enrich their resume, and obtain professional contacts in industry.
  12. Warm weather. Outdoor activities can be enjoyed 12 months of the year in Southeast Texas.

Earn a MEM that matches your interests!

The MEM offers graduate courses in different departments to personalize your experience:
  • Automation and Robotics
  • Project Management
  • Machine Learning
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Port Management
  • ERP
  • Software Development

For more information, please contact Dr. Alberto Marquez (