Master of Engineering Management

The Master of Engineering Management is a non-thesis degree program that can be completed on campus or online. The course work is designed to build onto the education received while completing an accredited bachelor's degree in engineering and the individual's professional experience.  This versatile program allows students a great amount of self-direction towards taking the courses that will promote a successful path in the technical area of their preference. The program takes advantage of the availability of selected courses in the College of Engineering, College of Business and College of Arts and Sciences.

The MEM program is STEM-qualified for purposes of OPT USCIS regulations.    

Admission Requirements

Admission standards are designed to ensure that all enrolled students are qualified professionals serving in a leadership role in their engineering discipline. The primary requirements are as follows:

  1. B.S. in Engineering or Equivalent (Transcripts required)
  2. Graduate Record Examination (GRE) Scores. GRE is not required for students who graduated from universities with ABET accredited programs.
  3. If English is a second language, obtain the minimum scores in IELTS or TOEFL according to the latest University policy.

Degree Requirements

Completion of a minimum of at least 36 hours of courses work approved by the advisor from the College of Engineering, College of Business and the College of Arts and Sciences. Course work is tailored specifically to the needs of the student, but generally has approximately one-third of the courses in the general area of technical management, one-third in Business Administration, and one-third in the student's technical discipline such as Civil Engineering, Construction Management, Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Industrial Engineering or Mechanical Engineering, Management Information Systems (ERPs-SAP), and Web-Mobile-Analytics development.

Master of Engineering Management Online

The Master of Engineering Management can be completed taking online or in the classroom. The on-line course modality allows the student to take up to four courses per semester. The faculty has the technology to record in-class sessions, record lectures on specific topics, and prepare individual and group learning activities for the optimal convenience and time effective learning.

For international students, the online program can be coursed partially at the student's home country for the first year, coming to take courses on campus during the second year for purposes of qualification to the OPT.

Earn a MEM that matches your interests!

The Department of Industrial Engineering offers graduate courses in different fields to personalize your experience: You can find courses oriented in different areas such as:

Operations and Supply Chain Management
Leadership and Project Management
Robotic Automation and Data Mining

For more information, please contact Dr. Alberto Marquez