Certificate in Machine Learning

The graduate Machine Learning Certificate is a path for current Lamar University graduate students and individuals only seeking the certification to learn a critical skill that is transforming society. Machine learning techniques and algorithms can be applied to solve problems in robotics, engineering design, supply chain management, search engines, science, medicine, business, equipment monitoring, and many other areas.

Academic credits taken as part of the certificate can be applied towards graduate degree programs in Industrial Engineering at Lamar. Lamar Industrial Engineering masters and doctoral students can earn this certificate using electives without taking additional coursework. The certificate is a way to demonstrate your interest in this area.

The certificate requires 5 courses (data mining, machine learning, Python programming and 2 electives). See catalog for requirements details and alterative electives. All industrial engineering students can satisfy the Python Programming course by taking our Applied Programming for Engineers. The department recommends INEN 5382 Enterprise Business Intelligence and CPSC 5375 - Machine Learning to satisfy the data mining and machine learning requirements. For the elective courses, the department recommends any two of the following:
  • INEN 5396 - Automated Systems Engineering
  • INEN 5381 - Heuristics
  • INEN 5394 - Engineering Database Design
  • COSC 5340 - Computer Vision
  • INEN 5305 – Reliability
  • INEN 5370 – Operations Research
  • Any special topics or other course approved by the department in this area.

Please contact Dr. Curry for additional information.