Dr. Ruhai Wang


Research Interests

  • Computer Networks and Security, Cyber-physical Systems and Cybersecurity
  • Satellite/Space Networks and Deep-Space Communications
  • Delay-/Disruption-Tolerant Networks (DTN)
  • Intermittent-Connectivity Networks
  • Wireless and Ad Hoc Networks

Research Group

Current Doctoral/Master Students

  • Alaa Sabbagh (Doctoral)
  • Hacer Varol (Doctoral)
  • Qinglin Xie (MSEE)
  • Arkun Zhuang (MSEE)

doctor wangs research group

Current Projects

Development of DTN Protocols for Space Networks and Deep-Space Communications

Project Description

This project is intended to develop delay-tolerant networking (DTN) protocols for highly-efficient and reliable data transmission in space networks and deep-space communications.

The idea of DTN is potentially an effective approach to handle the inevitable long delays, link disconnections and frequent data losses inherent in space networks and deep-space communications systems. The research team of this project, under close collaborations with the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), California Institute of Technology, works on development of networking protocols for reliable data delivery in the space networking environment. A PC-based testbed infrastructure is established to conduct a series of extensive experiments for performance evaluation of the protocols and validation of the developed theoretical framework.

 signal from earth to mars 

 network architecture routing