invasive species and environmental monitoring robotics lab
Harley R. Myler, Ph.D


My research is concentrated in telecommunications, image & video processing, and embedded systems.

The area of my current focus is on robotic systems that employ machine vision and autonomous control algorithms addressing the encroachment of invasive species as well as environmental monitoring of complex habitats. I am the PI of the Invasive Species and Environmental Monitoring Robotics Lab here at Lamar University. I have found that robotics research effectively integrates all of my interests in very neat packages.

As department chair, I have an interest in advancing engineering education and I am currently working on adaptive learning techniques to enhance online engineering education.

I have been funded by NASA and various agencies within the Department of Defense, along with a number of companies and commercial entities. My career funding level is in excess of $1.8M.



War of the Worlds

Plume Monitoring Swarm (Plumebots)


Apple Snail