LUEE Graduate Students Advisement Procedure

Dear Student,

Welcome to the Phillip M. Drayer department of Electrical Engineering at Lamar University!

This document provides you with the step-by-step instruction on how to obtain proper advisement and how to get registered for courses.

The initial advisement (i.e., for your first semester at LU) should be obtained either from the department Graduate Advisor, Dr. Wang, or Drs. Barzegaran or Sayil.

The advisement procedure for the second and following semesters depends on whether you are a Thesis/Dissertation student or not.

If you are an MES (thesis) or D.E. (Doctoral) student, during your first semester at LU you should:

  1. Become familiar with the research conducted by LU EE faculty members by visiting their research web pages.
  2. After reviewing the faculty information, select the faculty member with the research area that you are most interested in (and preferably have a background in)
  3. Contact the corresponding faculty member expressing your interest in conducting research under his guidance
  4. After obtaining the faculty member’s agreement to serve as your academic/research advisor, you should discuss with him your course selection for the upcoming semester and complete the advisement form
  5. If you are an M.E. (i.e., non-thesis) student, the department Graduate Adviser, Dr. Wang, Dr. Barzegaran, Dr. Sayil, or another EE faculty member will serve as your academic advisor. He will assist you with the course selection and sign your advisement form.
  6. Provide the department Administrative Associate (Ms. Jones) with the advisement form signed by both you and your academic advisor. At that point, she will register you for the approved courses.

To ensure timely course registration, students are expected to submit their signed advisement form not later than 3 business days before the first day of class.

The most up-to-date list of courses available for the current semeS.ter will be provided in the advisement form. The following page contains the complete list of courses offered by LU EE department:

Graduate Coordinator

ruhai wang graduate advisor

Dr. Ruhai Wang
Graduate Advisor
(409) 880-1829

Additional Contacts

Dr. Sayil

Dr. Hassan Zargarzadeh 

Ms. Tatyana Jones