Electrical Engineering Graduate Courses

Students in the masters programs (thesis option or coursework option) in Electrical Engineering can follow one of three tracks: (1) Computer Engineering, (2) Power & Energy and (3) Robotics & Instrumentation and Control. Courses available in these three tracks are as follows:

Computer Engineering

ELEN 5301 Machine Consciousness & Deep Learning (new!)

ELEN 5324 CMOS Digital IC Design

ELEN 5393 Intro to VLSI Design

ELEN 5325 Advanced VLSI Design

ELEN 5328 VLSI Testing

ELEN 5346 Digital Signal Processing

ELEN 5365 Image Processing

ELEN 5302 Stochastic Signals & Systems

ELEN 5307 Computer Networks I & 2

ELEN 5311 Comp Network Security

ELEN 5316 Digital Communications

ELEN 5362 Remote Sensing

ELEN 5397 Fault Diagnosis/Fault Tolerant Design

ELEN 5384 Virtual Systems Design

ELEN 5338 Genetic Algorithms

ELEN 5395 Computer Hardware Description Language

ELEN 5301 Cyber Physical Systems & Security

Power & Energy

ELEN 5312 Power Electronics

ELEN 5332 Green Power Electronic Circuits

ELEN 5334 Alternative Energy Sources

ELEN 5344 Electric Power Sys Analysis I

ELEN 5355 Electric Machines and Power Electronic Drives*

ELEN 5356 Power System Stability and Control*

ELEN 5357 Power System Monitoring and Protection

ELEN 5373 Advanced Electromagnetics

* Courses included in certificate in Power and Energy

Robotics, Instrumentation and Control

ELEN 5313 Robot Motion Planning

ELEN 5330 Electric Vehicles I & II

ELEN 5336 Instrumentation Systems & Automation

ELEN 5354 Discrete Control Systems

ELEN 5364 Industrial Automation & Process Control

ELEN 5383 Instrumentation