Venkatesh Uddameri, Ph.D.


Books - Published

  1. Dixon and V. Uddameri (2015) GIS and Geocomputation for Water Resources Science and Engineering. John Wiley and Sons; ISBN - 978-1118354131; 504 pp (selected to be part of AGU book series on water resources)
  2. Uddameri, V.. Morse, K. Tindle (2015) Hydraulic Fracturing Impacts and Technologies – A Multidisciplinary Perspective. CRC Press; ISBN - 978-1498721172; 312 pp

Books - Forthcoming

  1. Uddameri, V. (2021) Computational Skills for Engineers using Python Programming. Texas Tech University Raider Press; Open Education Resource (OER) Textbook (Forthcoming Fall 2022)
  2. Gupta, V. Uddameri, et al., (2023) Sustainable Wastewater Management– Principles and Practices. CRC Press (Forthcoming)

Journal Articles – Current Submissions

  1. Uddameri, V., Ghaseminejad, E. A. Hernandez (2021) Crop Yield Reliability under Water Availability Risks; Agricultural Water Management (submitted, revisions being completed)
  2. Forghanparast, E. A. Hernandez, V. Uddameri (2021) Combining Copula Theory and Bayes Theorem for Forecasting Aquatic States in Intermittent Rivers and Ephemeral Streams. Journal of Hydrology (under review)
  3. Forganparast, E. A. Hernandez, V. Uddameri (2022) An Integrated Classification-Regression Framework for Modeling Streamflow in Intermittent Rivers and Ephemeral Streams (IRES). Journal of Hydrology (Under Review)

Journal Articles - Published

  1. Zaman, D., Gupta, A.K., Uddameri, V., Tiwari, M.K. and Sen, D., 2022. Robust sensor placement for sustainable leakage management in water distribution networks of developing economies: A hybrid decision support framework. Journal of Environmental Management, 320, p.115816.
  2. Zaman, D., Gupta, A.K., Uddameri, V., Tiwari, M.K. and Sen, D., 2022. Exploring the key facets of leakage dynamics in water distribution networks: Experimental verification, hydraulic modeling, and sensitivity analysis. Journal of Cleaner Production, p.132236.
  3. S. Sahu, S., Yadav, M.K., Gupta, A.K., Uddameri, V., Toppo, A.N., Maheedhar, B. and Ghosal, P.S.; (2022); Modeling defluoridation of real-life groundwater by a green adsorbent aluminum/olivine composite: Isotherm, kinetics, thermodynamics and novel framework based on artificial neural network and support vector machine. Journal of Environmental Management, 302, p.113965.
  4. Uddameri, V., 2022. Discussion of “Nonoverlapping Block Stratified Random Sampling Approach for Assessment of Stationarity” by Ramesh SV Teegavarapu and Priyank J. Sharma. Journal of Hydrologic Engineering, 27(9), p.07022005.
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Book Chapters – Peer or Technical Editorial Team Reviewed

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Select Conference Proceedings

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