Qin Qian, Ph.D.

Selected Publications

  • Qian, Q., Sun, S., Li X., Sun, F., Lin, C., Jiang, L.(2019), “Water Quality Evaluation on an Urban Stormwater Retention Pond Using Wireless Sensor Networks and Hydrodynamic Modeling”, J. Irrig. Drain Eng., 145(12),2019. doi:10.1061/(ASCE)IR.1943-4774.0001434.
  • Clark, J., Qian, Q., Voller, V. R., Stefan, H. Z. (2018), Hyporheic Exchange in a Gravel Bed Flume with and without Traveling Surface Waves, Advances in Water Resources,
    doi: 10.1016/j.advwatres.2018.11.005.
  • Qian, Q., Dundee, A. and Thompson, H. (2018), Experimental Study on Flow Measurement in Corrugated Metal Pipes Used in Irrigation Turnouts, J. Irrig. Drain Eng., 144(10): 06018006
  • Qian, Q. and Eslamian, S. (2018), Chapter 20: Streamflow quality in low flow conditions, In: Saeid Eslamian, ed. Handbook of Drought and Water Scarcity, Vol 3: Analysis and Environmental, p375-386, Taylor and Francis Group, CRC press.
  • Qian, Q., (2016), Stream quality in low flow condition, In: Saeid Eslamian, ed. Handbook of Drought and Water Scarcity, Vol 3: analysis and Environmental, 2016, Taylor and Francis Group, CRC press ( in press)
  • Qian, Q., (2016), Water Transport, In: Danial, C. Chen, ed. Water Sustainability: Global Issues and Technology/management advancements, Volume II: Sustainable water technology, Taylor and Francis Group, CRC press, p1-21.
  • Qian, Q., (2015), Groundwater Recharge and Unconventional water: Design and Management Criteria, In: Saeid Eslamian ed. Handbook of Urban water Reuse, Taylor and Francis Group, CRC press, p809-816.
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  • Qian, Q., Xinyu Liu, Michael E. Barrett and Randall J. Charbeneau, (2016) Physical Modeling on Hydraulic Performance of Rectangular Bridge Deck Drains, Journal of Water, 2016, 8(2), 67; doi:10.3390/w8020067
  • Bo Sun, Farhad Ahmed, Frank Sun, Qin Qian and Yang Xiao, (2016), Water quality monitoring using STORM 3 Data Loggers and a wireless sensor network, Int. J. Sensor Networks, Vol. 20, No.1.


  • Ph.D. Civil Engineering, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Feb. 2008
  • M.S. Civil Engineering, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, 2004
  • M.S.S. Software Engineering, University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, 2003
  • B.S. Hydrogeology & Engineering Geology, Nanjing University, China, 1994

Awards & Honors

  • “Outstanding Service Award”, Overseas Chinese Environmental Engineers and Scientists Association (OCEESA), 2019.
  • “Anita Riddle Fellow” for Research Excellent Faculty, College of Engineering, Lamar University, 2017-2020.
  • First Place Award for Faculty Sponsor in Undergraduate Research Expo, Lamar University, 2016
  • Presidential Faculty Fellowships for research, Lamar University, 2014
  • “James M. Robbins” Excellence in Teaching Award, Chi-Epsilon (The National Civil Engineering Honor Society) Southwest District, 2012
  • Fellow, ASCE’s Excellence in Civil Engineering Education (ExCEEd), 2012.
  • University Merit Award for Outstanding Young Professor, Lamar University, 2012
  • Marquis Who’s Who in America, 64th Edition, 2010
  • Montclair Who’s Who (2009)
  • Excellent International Instructor, Center for Learning and Teaching Services, University of Minnesota (2005)
  • Advanced Science Prize (Application Division), Second Prize, Education Department, China (1999)
  • Advanced Science & Technology Award, Third Prize, Nanjing Science Committee (1998)
  • Best Paper Award, First Prize, Nanjing Construction Committee (1998)
  • Best Paper Award, Second Prize, Jiangsu Construction Committee (1998)