Annette Hernandez, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Annette Hernandez, Ph.D.

Peer Reviewed Journal Papers

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Book Chapters – Peer or Technical Editorial Team Reviewed

  • V. Uddameri, A. Karim, E. A. Hernandez, P. K. Srivastava (2017); Sensitivity of Wells in a Large Groundwater Monitoring Network and its Evaluation using GRACE Satellite Derived Information; Sensitivity Analysis in Earth Observation Modelling; G. P. Petropolous and P. K. Srivastava (editors); Elsevier; pp 235-256.
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Technique Reports

  • S. Singaraju, V. Uddameri and E. A. Hernandez (2015) Impacts on Drought and Future Climate Change on Groundwater Dependent Systems; American Water Resources Association, Annual Conference, Denver.
  • Singaraju, S. G., Nwankpa, I., Uddameri, V., Arsuffi, T., Hernandez, E. A., Banner, J. (2017). Climate Change Impacts on Hydrologix Responses in a Spring Fed Watershed near the 100th Meridian – Llano River Watershed. South-Central Section-51st Annual Meeting-2017.
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