Annette Henandez, Ph.D.

Recent Publications

Hernandez, E. A., V. Uddameri, and A. B. Gurley (2022) Enhancing Undergraduate Civil Engineering Mechanics of Fluids Laboratory Experiences using Sensors and Computing Tools; Jo Computers in Education Journal, ASEE.

E. A. Hernandez and V. Uddameri (2016); Heard it through the Grapevine - Using Social Network Analysis to Understand Informal Pathways of Learning in an Engineering Hydrology Class; Journal of Contemporary Water Research and Education; 158(1), 85-97

Morse, S., Morse, A., Uddameri, V., Hernandez, E., and Ernst, D. (2015). The Impact of Reducing Numerical Methods and Program Courses on Undergraduate Performance. Computers in Education Journal, ASEE, 82-89.

M. Gonzalez. Cruz, M.G., Hernandez, E.A. and Uddameri, V.; (2021); Vulnerability assessment of agricultural production systems to drought stresses using robustness measures. Nature - Scientific Reports; 11(1), pp.1-21.

M. Gonzalez Cruz., Hernandez, E.A. and Uddameri, V.; (2020); Climatic Influences on Agricultural Drought Risks Using Semiparametric Kernel Density Estimation. Water, 12(10), p.2813.

Uddameri, V., Ghaseminejad, A. and Hernandez, E.A.; (2020); A tiered stochastic framework for assessing crop yield loss risks due to water scarcity under different uncertainty levels. Agricultural Water Management, 238, p.106226.

Karim, A., Gonzalez Cruz, M., Hernandez, E.A. and Uddameri, V., 2020; A GIS-based fit for the purpose assessment of brackish groundwater formations as an alternative to freshwater aquifers. Water, 12(8), p.2299.

Hernandez, E. A., & Uddameri, V. (2015); Simulation-optimization model for water management in hydraulic fracturing operations; Hydrogeology Journal, 23(6), pp.1247-1265

E. A. Hernandez and V. Uddameri (2010); A Multi-attribute Decision Making Model for Agricultural Best Management Practice Selection using Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets; Water Resources Management; 24; 4589- 4612


Ph.D. (Environmental Engineering) Texas A&M University - Kingsville 2007

M.S. (Environmental Engineering) Texas A&M University - Kingsville 2003

B.S. (Civil Engineering) Texas A&M University - Kingsville 1997

Awards & Honors

Editors Choice Recognition for Paper Published in Water Journal; 2020; MDPI Inc. Basil Switzerland

Whitacre College of Engineering Dr. Charles L. Burford Faculty Award Whitacre College of Engineering (2014)

ExCEEd New Faculty Excellence in Teaching Award, American Society of Civil Engineers. (2014)

Javelina Alumni Rising Star Award, Javelina Alumni Association (2012)

ExCEED Fellow, American Society of Civil Engineers. (2009)