Guidelines for Receiving M.B.A. Internship Credit

Your internship is your opportunity to gain experience before starting or while completing your studies in the M.B.A. program. Internships are rewarding and can lead to exciting careers. Real world, practical experience can enrich an already top-notch curriculum.

Process for internship approval:

  • You review guidelines posted on M.B.A. website
  • You print and complete forms, obtaining employer signature where necessary.
  • You submit completed forms to M.B.A. office
  • M.B.A. office approves / denies internship (If approved, M.B.A. office verifies if internship will count in degree plan)
  • Instructor of record approves internship
  • M.B.A. office notifies student of approval and registers student in course

 Guidelines for approval

  • You won't receive credit for general work experience. It must be an internship-not a job.
  • The employer provides duties and project descriptions.
  • You must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher.
  • You must agree to work a minimum of 120 hours during the internship.
  • Your internship must have a beginning date, an end date, and concrete professional development and goals.

BUSI 5360
To receive course credit for an internship, you must be enrolled in BUSI 5360. This packet is the first step in the process of enrolling for BUSI 5360. M.B.A. students can only use one enrollment in BUSI 5360 in their degree plan, but with the approval of the M.B.A. Office and instructor, may enroll in the course multiple times if they intend to do multiple internships.

Professor’s Requirements:

  • Three assignments due at varying times throughout the semester
  • Attendance at three class meetings during the semester
  • The following items must be completed and submitted prior to the last class meeting:
    • Written Internship project report
    • Log of hours from the entire semester
    • Activities journal from the entire semester
    • Presentation of project to class
    • Supervisor’s Evaluation (this will be emailed to the employer by the Career Center)
    • Student’s Evaluation (this will be emailed to you by the Career Center)

You should print all the attached forms (listed below). You will complete some forms, and your prospective employer will complete others. M.B.A. students should submit these items to the M.B.A. office at least two weeks prior to the start of the internship. The M.B.A. office and BUSI 5360 instructor will approve the internship and notify you of your enrollment in the course.