Degree Options

Victoria LaFleur

Earning your M.B.A. is a smart move.

An M.B.A. from Lamar University will provide you with a unique experience, developing the business knowledge and skills required in today’s competitive business world.

Early Start M.B.A.

The Early Start M.B.A. program allows students to finish a Master's degree in Business Administration within a year of completing a Bachelor's degree.

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Traditional M.B.A.

The traditional M.B.A. is a highly respected vehicle for enriching undergraduate study and adding depth to the traditional undergraduate business disciplines.

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Dual M.B.A./M.S.A.

Take your M.B.A. to the next level with a mastery of accounting. You must meet the admission and prerequisite requirement for both the M.B.A. program and Master of Science in Accounting Program.

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Dual M.B.A./M.S.N.

Take the first step towards earning your M.B.A./M.S.N. degree. This dual degree prepares students to make well-rounded business decisions and become better leaders in health care.

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Dual M.B.A./M.S.-MIS

Earn an M.B.A. (with ERP concentration) as well as an M.S. in Management Information Systems. Learn to harness technology and solve common, yet, complex business problems with this dual degree.

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