Enterprise Resource Planning

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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is an essential part of contemporary business strategy. Lamar University's M.B.A. in Enterprise Resource Planning online degree program provides core business skills while focusing on technology platforms and data analytics to integrate all facets of a business or organization.

Since the advent of internet technology, companies have become more reliant on greater amounts of data, as well as the integration of all business functions. In Lamar University's M.B.A. in Enterprise Resource Planning online program, you will gain the leadership, management and financial skills required in most M.B.A. programs along with expertise in the principles and use of data analytics – a high-demand skill set in today's data-driven workforce.

Through six specialized courses, you will gain intensive training in the use and applications of a variety of SAP applications, including NetWeaver, Visual Composer, Data Warehousing and Business Information Warehouse solutions and supply chain management platforms. You will also have the opportunity to complete a two-week SAP ERP Academy during which you will prepare to become certified in business process integration using 16 different SAP modules.


MISY 5350 ERP E-Commerce

MISY 5360 Business Intelligence

MISY 5370 Data Mining and Predictive Analysis

MGMT 5370 Supply Chain Management

MISY 5380 Enterprise Systems/CRM