• Archer Building at Lamar University

    The Archer Building on the campus of Lamar University is home to the Physics Department. Visit our department on the first floor and meet the Staff, Faculty, and Physics majors.

  • Advanced Physics Lab at Lamar University

    The Advanced Physics Lab at Lamar University provides an opportunity for Physics majors to develop the skills and experience in developing advanced experiments and explore many areas of research.

  • Optics and Photonics Lab at Lamar University

    Students in Electrical Engineering and Physics majors perform experiments while engaging in research across in Optics and Optical mechanics in the Optical Mechanics lab here at Lamar University.

  • Physics majors doing research with Faculty

    See the latest one-on-one professional interactions between faculty and physics majors in a vast array of research areas in preparation for a future lifelong career in Physics or a Physics-related profession.

  • Kip Thorne Reception at Lamar University.

    University Reception in honor of Dr. Kip S Thorne as the distinguished speaker for the Lamar University lecture series. His talk was on Interstellar: The Science Behind the Movie.

  • Experimental Nuclear Physics experience in Germany.

    Ask Dr. Philip Cole our department Physics chair on Undergraduate Research opportunities in experimental nuclear Physics on the Rhine in Germany. See the flyer for more details.

  • Details on the URE for Nuclear Physics on the Rhine.

    See the details for URE opportunities in Experimental Nuclear Physics on the Rhine in Germany.

The Physics Department at Lamar University provides opportunities for students attending Lamar to acquire experience and opportunity to explore a career in Physics or a Physics-related profession. Physics majors have opportunities to explore and specialized in research opportunities with the option of joining the SPS Lamar Chapter affiliated with the American Physical Society.
Experimental Nuclear Physics on the Rhine in Germany.

The Physics department is sponsoring a special URE (Undergraduate Research Opportunity) for all Physics majors to get some research experience in the field of Nuclear Physics on the Rhine in Germany.

For more information on this special opportunity to open the door for a career in Physics (Click on one of the icons below):

Experimental Nuclear Physics on the RhineExperimental Nuclear Physics on the Rhine


Contact: Dr. Philip Cole (Physics Dept. Chair to learn more about this golden opportunity.)


Images from Dr. Kip Thorne's Lecture

The Kip S Thorne Lecture from 16 October 2018 took place at the University Theater packed with University students, staff, and faculty along with members of the general public to maximum capacity. An additional location was added to accommodate the extra crowds in order to watch the lecture via live video feed.

One can view the various images taken of Dr. Thorne Lecture.

Images of Dr. Thorne's Lecture

Acknowledgment and Credit: Frank Q Sun 

We thank Mr. Sun for providing the wonderful set of images taken during the lecture.


Updates in the Department

Next Colloquium

All Students, Faculty, and Staff within and outside the College of Arts & Sciences are invited attend our second official colloquia with Dr. Carl Blair a 'Post-Doctorate' researcher from CalTech currently working at the LIGO Observatory at Livingston, LA. All of our colloquia events take place at the Archer Building Auditorium in Room 108

Date: Friday, 5 October 2018

Time: 3:00 - 4:00 PM

Presentation Title:

One Hundred Years of Gravitational Waves

More Information: Colloquia at Physics Lamar



Join the Physics Department

Physics Team

Join the Physics Team here at Lamar and get an opportunity to know each of our great Facility, Staff, and Physics Majors. We are centered at the Archer Building.

  • Learn more about our Specialized Laboratories.
  • Opportunities to do Research and Attend Conferences/Workshops.
  • Participate in Seminars, Activities, and the Physics Colloquia.
  • Become a Physics major, get a Double major involving Physics, or a minor in Physics.
  • Join the SPS (Society of Physics Students) Lamar Chapter.
  • Nights of Astronomy at Lamar!



Opportunities in Physics

Explore a Career in Physics

The opportunities for a Career in Physics or Physics-related are academic, industrial, or working for research institutions both private or national laboratories. Explore the possibilities!

American Physical Society

Careers in Physics

American Association of Physics Teachers

Updates in Physics and Astronomy

News in Physics and Astronomy
Becoming self-informed about the latest trends and breakthroughs in fields of Physics and Astronomy is essential to stay on top of becoming a great Physicist when it comes to teaching, research, or promoting Science funding.

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