Caring Place Resources

The Caring Place has numerous resources for nursing students such as textbooks, handouts, websites, games, and community / on-campus referrals.  Additional resources that are widely utilized by nursing students include iPads, laptops, and facilitated learning.  


The Caring Place has iPads that contain apps covering a range of nursing content.  Nursing students able to check out iPads for a 24-hour time period to engage in independent learning activities. 


The Caring Place has numerous laptops that contain a variety of software learning resources.  Nursing students are able to check out laptops for a 24-hour time period to engage in independent learning activities. 

Facilitated Learning (FL)

Facilitated Learning is a collaboration between an educator and a nursing student that focuses on specific didactic content areas that the student finds challenging.  Individual or small group FL sessions are primarily led by the Retention Assistant and Graduate Assistants.  Nursing students are expected to be motivated, prepared, and actively participate in the FL session.  In addition, students commit to maintaining the responsibilities of an adult learner.  The goal of facilitated learning is to promote independent active learning throughout nursing school that continues during the students professional careers.

Peer Facilitators

Current nursing students who have met specific criteria have the opportunity to lead FL sessions.  Students are nominated by faculty to serve as Peer Facilitators based on their GPA and demonstration of professional integrity.

Clinical Nurse Expert Facilitators

Nurses from local clinical facilities are invited to collaborate with The Caring Place and lead FL sessions in their area of expertise.