The Caring Place

The Caring Place is a unique initiative by the Dishman School of Nursing to facilitate support resources for nursing students. Nursing students are faced with many challenges during the course of their study such as complex course content, family commitments, financial needs and test anxiety. The Dishman School of Nursing is committed to assisting nursing students with these challenges and established The Caring Place in 2004 to support student progression and success in nursing school. Modeling and Role Modeling provide the theoretical framework for The Caring Place.

Caring Place Goals

1. Provide a central resources and referral site for students enrolled in the Dishman School of Nursing.

2. Provide facilitated learning for students in order to assist with difficult content areas using Modeling and Role-Modeling as a framework.

3. Promote student’s active role in the learning process.

4. Enhance the retention of students in the nursing program; thereby increasing the nursing workforce.

5. Students will obtain lifelong learning skills that are important for maintaining competency through their nursing career.

Located in the Mamie McFaddin Ward Health Sciences Building Room 257B/257A.