RN-MSN Articulation Track

Created for those who want to teach the next generation of nursing students or for the nurse who wants to be a leader in an administrative position.  

Every graduate will receive a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree and choose to either finish their education with a Master of Science in Nursing with concentrations in Administration or Education.

RN to MSN Course Rotation

In the RN-MSN program you will:

  • Develop the knowledge and skills you need to assume more of a primary care role.
  • Gain expertise in strategic management, resource management and creating a safe, supportive and inclusive practice environment.
  • Learn core knowledge and teaching methodologies to help your students learn to deliver quality care.

RN to MSN Best Online

Eliminate 9 credit hours with the articulation track instead of
earning your RN to BSN and your MSN separately.

Faculty create structured, online learning through assignments, discussion boards, practicum and community-based service learning hours.