MSN-MBA Dual Degree

Lamar University's Graduate Nursing Studies program has partnered with the university's distinguished College of Business to offer a new career opportunity for nurses. While earning your MSN, you can complete an MBA at the same time. This program is especially beneficial for those interested in a career in Nursing Administration or hospital management.


A nursing student in class raises his hand to ask a question.

Credit Hours

  • The dual degrees can be accomplished in 61 semester hours (approximately three years).
  • The MSN degree is 37 credit hours with 9 hours that count towards the MBA

Other leveling courses required are met through additional graduate nursing courses leaving 21 credit hours to be taken in the College of Business.

Applying and Advising

Interested in this dual degree?
  • You must apply online as an MSN student and then schedule a meeting with the College of Business MBA Program.
  • The MBA Program will verify that you meet admission standards and will then request to add your second major.

You must be advised by BOTH departments.

MSN-MBA Degree Plan