Yasuko Sato

sato250x250.jpegPh.D., University of Chicago, 2002
M.A., Kyushu University, 1989
B.A., Kyushu University, 1987

Archer 200M
(409) 880-8523

Yasuko Sato specializes in the history of premodern and modern East Asia. The history of Japan, China, the Pacific theater in World War II, and the Cold War in East Asia are just some of her many interests. Her research examines early modern and modern Japanese history and thought, samurai ethics, Tokugawa learning, the Meiji Restoration, and Japanese feminist thought. The power of thought in the making of history and the logic by which human society operates are central to her academic pursuits. Her Toward an Ancient Future: Selected Writings of Takamure Itsue, Japanese Feminist is forthcoming from Columbia University Press.  See full c.v.