Tina M. Kibbe


Ph.D., University at Buffalo, 2012
M.A., Lamar University, 2004
B.A., Lamar University, 2002

Archer 200D
(409) 880-8241

Tina M. Kibbe studies the history of science and medicine and U.S. women's history. Her research interests include eugenics, genetics, public health, and gender studies. Her dissertation, "In 'Fitness' and in Health: Eugenics, Public Health, and Marriage in the United States," examines the connections between the eugenics and public health movements in the United States during the first half of the twentieth century and both movements' use of the institution of marriage as a regulating apparatus to manage and contain the reproduction of "fit" American citizens. She recently contributed a chapter to the anthology Women Who Belong: Claiming a Female's Right-Filled Place (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2013).