Rebecca Ard Boone

Dr. Rebecca Ard Boone

Ph.D., Rutgers University – New Brunswick, 2000
M.A., University of South Alabama, 1994
B.A., University of Alabama, 1992

Archer 200F
(409) 880-7834

 Professor and Chair 

Rebecca Boone teaches courses on the Renaissance and Reformation, Early Modern Europe, the French Revolution and Napoleon, the Atlantic World, Witchcraft and the Occult, Ancient Greece and Rome, and the History of Food, among others. Her Issues in World Cultures II course was cited as exemplary by the Center for Educational Policy Research. An intellectual and cultural historian, Dr. Boone researches the relationship between information and state power in the early modern world. Her books include War, Domination, and the Monarchy of France (Brill, 2007), Mercurino di Gattinara and the Creation of the Spanish Empire (Routledge, 2015), and Real Lives in the Sixteenth Century: A Global Perspective (Routledge, 2018). She is also the general editor of a five-book series on global history, Real Lives in Global Perspective. In 2018, Dr. Boone was awarded a grant from MIT and the Andrew Mellon Foundation to complete a module for the Global Architectural History Teaching Collaborative.