Jimmy L. Bryan, Jr.


Ph.D., Southern Methodist University, 2006
M.A., University of Texas at Arlington, 1999
B.A., University of Texas at Arlington, 1996

Archer 200C
(409) 880-8510

Jimmy L. Bryan, Jr., studies the cultural history of the early nineteenth-century United States with an emphasis on manliness, expansionism, and frontiers. He wrote The American Elsewhere: Adventure and Manliness in the Age of Expansion (University Press of Kansas, 2017), which the Western Literature Association named second runner-up for the 2018 Thomas J. Lyon Award for the best book in Western American Literary and Cultural Studies. He also authored More Zeal Than Discretion: The Westward Adventures of Walter P. Lane (Texas A&M University Press, 2008) and edited Inventing Destiny: Cultural Explorations of U.S. Expansion (University Press of Kansas, 2019) and The Martial Imagination: Cultural Aspects of American Warfare (Texas A&M University Press, 2013). Dr. Bryan teaches the American surveys as well as courses on U.S. cultural history, Texas, the West, Native America, and the Civil War. He also serves as editor of the Texas Gulf Historical and Biographical Record. See full c.v. or visit his website, www.jimmylbryanjr.net.