Adam Nemmers, Ph.D.

Adam Nemmers

Assistant Professor
Phone: 409-880-8584
Office: Maes 42

Hailing from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Adam Nemmers has been an Assistant Professor of Literature at Lamar University since 20017. In addition to his teaching responsibilities, he serves as faculty advisor for Pulse, LU's student-run literary magazine, and co-editor of the Lamar Journal of the Humanities. His research interests include modernism, American ethnic literature(s), literary theory, and creative writing. 

Courses Taught

  • Early American Travel Narratives
  • Native American Renaissance (Undergraduate and Graduate)
  • African-American Literature
  • The Harlem Renaissance (Undergraduate and Graduate)
  • Multi-ethnic Modernism
  • Modern Critical Theory (Undergraduate and Graduate)
  • Children's and Adolescent Literature: Young Adult Dystopian Fiction
  • Ethics and Literature
    • Love, Lust, and Literature
    • Making and Spending Money
    • The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence
  • Modernism in American Literature (Undergraduate and Graduate)
  • American Literature
  • Introduction to Literature
  • American Literature to 1865
  • American Literature after 1945
  • The American Dream


  • Honors Composition
  • Developmental Writing
  • English Composition I and II
  • Rhetoric of Written Argument
  • Rhetoric of Written Argument in Context
  • College Writing 1
    • Exploring Natural Disasters
    • 9/11 Ten Years Later
    • Revolutions
  • Writing as Inquiry: The Internet and Us
  • Writing as Argument: 
    • The Ideal Human Society
    • Hoaxes, Frauds, and Charlatans
    • Rhetoric of Sports Discourse
    • Political Rhetoric

Creative Writing

  • Introduction to Creative Writing
  • Reading as a Writer

Women and Gender Studies

  • Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies 


Sophomore Textbook Committee, Department of English and Modern Languages, Lamar University, 2021-present.

Lamar University Faculty Mentorship Program, 2021-present.

Recruitment and Retention Committee, Department of English and Modern Languages, Lamar University, 2021-present.

Examination Committee, Spring Alex Bourquein, 2021.

Council on Inclusive Excellence, Lamar University, 2020-present.

Reviewer, Clemson University Press, 2020-present.

Chair, Faculty Library Committee, Lamar University, 2019-present.

Graduate Admissions Committee, Department of Department of English and Modern Languages, Lamar University, 2019-present.

Thesis Director, Lauren Swift, 2019-present.

Faculty Advisor, Pulse Literary Magazine, Lamar University, 2019-present.

Thesis Committee, Theresa Duffus, Spring 2020.

Submission Judge, Short Fiction and Scholarly Essay, Pulse Literary Magazine, 2017-2019.

Volunteer Mentor, Northeast Modern Language Association (NEMLA) Job Clinic, March 2019.

Faculty Judge, Annual Humanities, Arts, Social and Behavior Sciences, Education and Business (HASBSEB) Conference, Lamar University, 2018-2019.

Faculty Sponsor, Study Abroad Directed Pedagogy by Alex Bourquein, Fall 2018.

Advance Course Committee, Department of English and Modern Languages, 2018-present.

Hiring Committee, Department of English and Modern Languages, 2018-present.

Research Supervisor for Lauren Garcia, Summer 2018.

Faculty Reviewer, Pearson Revel, 2018.

College Level Entrance Placement committee, Lamar University, 2017-present.

Open Education Resources Faculty Respondent, 2017.

Graduate Faculty, Lamar University, 2017-present.

Digital Course Reviewer, Lamar University, 2017-present.

Honors College Student Mentor, Lamar University, 2017-present.

Internal Reader, Sandra Brown Excellence in Literary Fiction Scholarship Competition, 2016-17.

English Department Graduate Student Diversity Committee, 2016-17.

Student Representative, WGST Academic Program Review, February 2017.

Judge, GlobalEX Discovering Global Citizenship Initiative. 2016.

TCU Women and Gender Studies Symposium Planning Committee, 2016.

TCU Extended Education, Creative Writing Classes, Summer 2014-2016.

Research Assistant, Dr. Theresa Gaul, Spring 2016-17.

Webmaster, Teaching Transatlanticism, 2015-2016.

Student Representative, English Department Self-Study Review, 2015-2016.

English Graduate Student Mentoring Program Coordinator, 2015-2017.

TCU Women and Gender Studies Symposium Program Committee, 2015.

TCU English Department QEP Self-Study Reviewer and Researcher. Summer 2015.

External Reviewer, Journey Into Literature, 2nd Edition, 2014.

TCU Women’s Studies Recruitment and Promotion Committee, 2013-2014.

Judge, PIP English Conference, Paschal High School, Fort Worth, TX, 2013-2014.

Coordinator, Hugh C. Hyde Living Writers Series, San Diego State University, 2009-10.

Student Representative, Faculty Search Committee, Gustavus Adolphus College, 2007.



American Modern(ist) Epic: Novels to Refound a Nation. Under contract, Clemson University Press, forthcoming 2021.

Transatlantic Anglophone Literatures 1776-1920. Edited by Sarah Robbins, Linda Hughes, and Andrew Taylor; associate editors Adam Nemmers and Heidi Hakimi-Hood. Under contract, Edinburgh University Press, forthcoming 2021.  

Yours in Filial Regards: The Civil War Letters of a Texan Family. Edited by Kassia Waggoner and Adam Nemmers. TCU Press, 2015. 192 pp. 

Essays and Articles

“‘A Manual or Something’: The Process of African-Americanization in Ibi Zoboi’s YA Fiction.” Africana and American and Female in Young Adult Fiction, edited by Ymitri Mathison, University of Mississippi Press, forthcoming 2022.

“Stirring the Melting Pot: The Midwestern Farm Town as Transnational Nexus.” Transnational American Spaces, edited by Tina Powell and Patricia Sagasti Suppes. Vernon Press, forthcoming 2022.

“The Prairie’s Ever-present Heartaches: Ecogothic and the American Midwest.” Revisions of Eden: The Idea of the Midwestern Gothic, edited by Brandi Homan and Julia Madsen, forthcoming 2022.

“A Conspiracy of Silence: The Suppressed Protest of The Jungle and The Grapes of Wrath. Transatlantica: Revue d’Études Américaines: An American Studies Journal, forthcoming 2021.

“Between Two Families: The Mammy as Matriarch.” Through Mama’s Eyes: Unique Perspectives on Southern Matriarchy, edited by Cheylon Woods and Kiwana McClung, University of Louisiana at Lafayette Press, 2021, pp. 1-15.

 “‘One Had to Have Castes’: Class, Culture, and Ideology in American Tragedy.The Working Class in American Literature: Essays on Blue Collar Identity, edited by John Lavelle and Debbie Lelekis, McFarland Press, 2021, pp. 121-40.

“A Stand Abandoned: The Southern Agrarians and the Second Lost Cause.” The Southern Quarterly, vol. 57, no. 2/3, pp. 40-57.

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“Against the Genteel: The Last Puritan as Modern Epic.” Studies in American Culture, vol. 42, no. 1, 2019, pp 28-46.

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“Richard Wright and the Black Supernatural.” Conjure, Hoodoo and Voodoo in African-American Literature, edited by James Mellis, McFarland Press, 2019, pp. 131-48.

“‘Gone Country’: Literary Depictions of the New Woman in Rurality.” Representing Rural Women, edited by Whitney Womack Smith and Margaret Thomas Evans, Rowman and Littlefield, 2019, pp. 13-27.

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“Benjy as ‘Black’: The Embodiment of Eugenic Stereotypes in The Sound and the Fury.South Atlantic Review, vol 83, no. 2, 2018, pp. 89-108.

“Fine Art on the Airwaves: Radio Drama and Modern(ist) Mass Culture.” Popular Modernisms: Then and Now, edited by Scott Ortolano, Bloomsbury Academic, 2017, pp. 63-78.

Reviews and Entries

“Claude McKay,” “Djuna Barnes,” and “Edna St. Vincent Millay.” The Encyclopedia of the Lost Generation: Life and Times of the Jazz Age. Rowman & Littlefield. Forthcoming.

“Transatlanticism.” Victorian Literature and Culture 46. 3/4 (2018): pp. 917-924.

Rev. of A Bloody and Barbarous God; The Metaphysics of Cormac McCarthy. South Central Review 35.2 (2018): pp. 142-145.

Rev. of These Are Our Demands. Review of Texas Books. Spring 2018.

Rev. of Imagining Sovereignty: Self-Determination in American Indian Law and Literature. American Indian Quarterly, vol. 41, no. 2, Spring 2017, pp. 195-98.

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Awards and Honors

  • 2021 Summer Faculty Research Award, Lamar University, $3,000.
  • 2019 Summer Faculty Research Award, Lamar University, $8,000.
  • Honorable Mention, TCU Graduate Student Fiction Award – “Eudora.”
  • Global Outlooks Institute Ambassador, 2016-17.
  • Doctoral Teaching Fellowship. TCU, 2016-2017.
  • Travel Grant. English Department and Graduate Studies TCU, 2012-2016.
  • Outstanding Service Award, Tri-Iota, 2015-16.
  • Graduate Student Travel Grant Award. Graduate Student Senate, TCU 2014-2016.
  • Instructional Development Grant. “Transatlantic Teaching, Scholarship, and Professional Networking.” TCU, $3600, co-writer.
  • Sherley Research Grant, $500. TCU English Department, 2015.
  • Lorraine Sherley Research Fellowship. TCU 2015-2016.
  • Tri-Iota National Honors Society, Women and Gender Studies.
  • 1st Place, Lawrence Owen Prize in Fiction Writing, 2005 & 2007.