Richard C. Harrel


Richard C. Harrel

Distinguished Emeritus Professor of Biology

Phone: 409-880-8255

Office: 205-10 Hayes Biology Building

Courses taught: General Biology (Biol 1406, 1407), Invertebrate Zoology (Biol 3460), Limnology (Biol 4430), Ecology (Biol 4460), Ecology of Polluted Waters (Biol 5470)

Dr. Harrel's research interests includes the ecology of freshwater and estuarine macroinvertebrates, the biomonitoring of toxic substances in aquatic environments, and the ecological succession of oxbow lakes.

The outstanding teaching and research career of Dr. Harrel has netted him several prestigious awards. He was recently named the 2003 Distinguished Faculty Lecturer. He will give a talk entitled "Environmental History of the Lower Neches River: From Clean to Polluted to Recovering" on October 20, 2003, in the University Theatre. He also received the 2000-2001 University Scholar Award by Lamar University. He is also very active in the community concerning environmental issues and heads Clean Air and Water, Inc. in Beaumont.


The freshwater jellyfish, Craspedacusta. Picture courtesy of David Hicks

Selected publications:

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