Maryam Vasefi


Assistant Professor of Biology

Office: 205-7 Hayes Biology Building
Phone: 409-880-7090


2014 Ph.D. in Pharmacology, School of Pharmacy, University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Courses Taught:

Molecular Genetics (BIOL 5401, 4401)
Anatomy and Physiology (BIOL 2401)
Microbiology (BIOL 2420)
Biology 1 & 2 (BIOL 1306, 1106, 1307, 1107)

Research Interests:

Drug Design
Signal Transduction

Research Group:

Stephanie Constance, Undergraduate Student

 Vasefi2 - Constance

Stephanie served as an active duty service member of the United States Army from September 2004 to November 2013. Currently, she is interested in cell and molecular biology and plans on pursuing a career in this study while under the guidance of Dr. Maryam Vasefi.

Neda Fallah, Research Assistant

 Vasefi1 - Fallah

Neda received the Bachelor degree in Marine Biology and Master degree in Animal Physiology from Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran, IRAN and Payame Nour University, Babol, IRAN in 2012 and 2015, respectively. Now she's working on cancer biology, medicinal plants and the effects of their extracts on different types of cancer cell lines, and classification of various anticancer components as a Graduate Research Assistant under the supervision of Dr. Vasefi in Department of Biology, Lamar University.

Roshney Ali, Undergraduate Honors Student

 Vasefi3 - Ali

Roshney is a junior student who is pursuing a degree in Biology. She actively served for 5 years as the Head of Public Speaking and Rituals at her church from January 2012 to November 2016. Roshney holds position at her church as the Marketing Lead, Disaster Management Assistant Lead, and the Head of Operations for weekday school. She enjoys getting involved on campus and has a passion for learning. She plans on pursuing a career in the dental field and is currently being mentored by Dr. Maryam Vasefi for her research. Roshney loves to spend time with her family and is motivated to help others.

 Shreya Vakil, TALH Student

Shreya is currently interested in intracellular signaling in Alzheimer's Disease and will participate in research with Dr. Maryam Vasefi. 


Accepting Master Students? YES

Accepting undergraduate Students? YES

If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Vasefi.


Selected Publications:

Alison Hamilton, Maryam Vasefi, Cheryl Vander Tuin, Stephan Ferguson, “Chronic pharmacological mGluR5 inhibition ameliorates cognitive impairment and pathogenesis in an Alzheimer's disease mouse model” Cell Receptor, 2016

Wesseem Osman, Tarek Mohamed, Victor Munsing Sit, Maryam S. Vasefi, Michael Beazely, Praveen P.N. Rao, “Structure-activity relationship studies of benzyl-, phenethyl-, and pyridyl-substituted tetrahydroacridin-9-amines as multitargeting agents to treat Alzheimer’s disease” Chemical Biology & Drug Design, 2016

Atefeh S. Zara, Maryam S. Vasefi, Tiemin Huang, John G. Mielke “Capillary isoelectric focusing with whole column UV detection (CIEF-UV-WCID) to characterize human salivary α-amylase”, Clinical Biochemistry, 2015

Ryan M. Bradley · Emily B. Mardian · Phillip M. Marvyn · Maryam S. Vasefi · Michael A. “Beazely · John G. Mielke · Robin E. Duncan. Data on acylglycerophosphate acyltransferase 4 (AGPAT4) during murine embryogenesis and in embryo-derived cultured primary neurons and glia” Data in brief, 2015

Jeff Kruk, Maryam S. Vasefi, Nyasha Gondora, Nawaz Ahmed, Jhon J. Heikkila1, and Michael A. Beazely. “Fluoxetine-induced transactivation of the platelet-derived growth factor type β via serotonin receptors reveals a heterologous desensitization mechanism” Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience, 2015

Ansula Samarajeewa, Lollita Goldman, Maryam S. Vasefi, Nawas Ahmed, Nyasha Gondora, Chandni Khanderia, John Mielke, Michael Beazely “5-HT7 receptors activation promotes an increase in TrkB receptor expression and phosphorylation” Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience, 2014

Jeff Kruk, Maryam S. Vasefi, J. J. Heikkila1, and M. A. Beazely. “Reactive Oxygen Species Are Required for 5-HT-Induced Transactivation of Neuronal Platelet-Derived Growth Factor and TrkB Receptors but Not for ERK1/2 Activation” PlosOne, 2013

Vasefi MS, Yang K, Li J, Kruk JS, Heikkila JJ, Jackson MF, Macdonald JF, Beazely MA “Acute 5-HT7 receptor activation increases NMDA-evoked currents and differentially alters NMDA receptor subunit phosphorylation and trafficking in hippocampal neurons” Molecular Brain, 2013

Maryam S. Vasefi, Jeff Kruk, John J. Heikkila1, and Michael A. Beazely, “5-HT7 receptor-mediated neuroprotection against NMDA–induced excitotoxicity is PDGFß receptor-dependent” Journal of Neurochemistry, 2013

Jeff Kruk, Maryam S. Vasefi, Liu Hu, J. Heikkila, Michael A. Beazely, “5-HT1A receptors transactivate the platelet-derived growth factor receptor type beta in neuronal cells”, Journal of Cell Signaling, 2013

Tarek Mohamed; Jacky Yeung; Maryam S Vasefi; Michael A, Beazely; Praveen Rao, Development and Evaluation of Multifunctional Agents for Potential Treatment of Alzheimer's Disease: Application to a Pyrimidine-2,4-Diamine Template, Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters, 2012

Maryam S. Vasefi, Jeff Kruk, Liu Hu, Michael A. Beazely, John J. Heikkila, “Activation of 5-HT7 receptors increases neuronal platelet-derived growth factor ß receptor expression “, Neuroscience letter, 2012