Section 5 - Traffic Safety

Traffic Safety is extremely important to Lamar University, and only safe drivers will be employed in positions in which driving a University vehicle or driving a rented or personal vehicle on state business is an essential job function.  In the case of applicants for such positions, the University will conduct driver's license and driving record checks of applicants  to whom an offer of employment has been made.  The employment offer will be contingent upon verification of the applicants current license, and evaluation of the applicant's driving records.  Employees in such positions are required, as a condition of employment, to report to the University if they are convicted of any moving violation.  Driving records will be reviewed on an  annual basis, and specifically during an employee's annual performance review.   Employees who are found to no longer possess a valid driver's license or to have accumulated and an unacceptable level of traffic violations will not be allowed  to drive on University business.

For positions in which driving a University vehicle or extensive driving of personal or rented vehicles on state business is an essential job function, the maintenance of a valid driver license and a safe driving record is a condition of continued employment.  The University  administration will determine what personnel action(s) will be taken as a result of an employee's driver's license or record status.  Personnel action may be up to and including discharge, but any personnel action will be taken in accordance with the University's personnel policies. 

The following practices are adopted by the University for employees driving University vehicles or other vehicles on state business:

  1. All drivers must have a valid driver's license and an acceptable driving record. 
  2. Applicable motor vehicle laws within the state, county and city must be observed. 
  3. Seat belts must be worn at all times by drivers and all passengers. 
  4. All state travel rules and regulations must be followed without exception.
  5. In the event an employee is involved in a traffic accident, the following actions must be followed:  
    • Stop the vehicle immediately at the scene.  Move the vehicle to a safe location if the vehicle is blocking traffic and can be driven. 
    • Aid any injured persons and request emergency assistance from police, firefighters or emergency personnel.              
    • Report the accident by telephone to law enforcement authorities having appropriate jurisdiction.  If the accident  happens on campus, notify the University police department.  If the accident  happens off campus, notified the University police department at the earliest  practical time.
  6. Report the accident to your supervisor, and to the office of the Vice President for Finance and Operations.  If driving a rental vehicle, report the accident to the rental agency, your supervisor, and the Office of the Vice President for Finance and Operations.
  7. The University may require any employee  involved in an accident or convicted of any moving violation to pass a defensive driving course as a condition of continued employment. 
  8. The University reserves the right to require all drivers of University vehicles and all employees driving personal or  rented vehicles on state business to take a defensive driving course.