Hazard Identification and Reporting Program

The building inspection program details an inspection program, which involves a comprehensive check of each building. However, hazards will arise between formal inspections, or from temporary activities within the building.  It is the responsibility of all employees to correct or report any hazards or unsafe conditions that they observe to riskmanagement_ehs@lamar.edu. 


  1. Supervisors and Managers will continuously observe their employees and work areas for unsafe work practices or conditions in these assigned work areas; identify any observable safety hazards or unsafe work practices which may be present; and  implement or initiate immediate corrective action and follow-up. 
  2. Employees are charged with being alert to note and personally correct if possible any observed safety hazard or unsafe work practice within their individual work area.  In the event  the hazard or unsafe work practice cannot be immediately corrected, each employee is further responsible to immediately report the situation to his/her immediate supervisor.

Hazard reporting:

Because of the size of the campus and the number of buildings involved, employees may be tempted to verbally report hazards to a supervisor, who in turn may inadvertently forget to take the proper action, especially as there appears to be no imminent danger to life safety.   To prevent this oversight, employees will use the following simple formal reporting  process:

  1. In the event an employee notes a specific hazard and is unable to correct hazard (i.e. a faulty wall socket), the hazard should be reported to a supervisor.
  2. In the event the supervisor is also unable to correct or initiate prompt correction of the hazard, the employee will complete the Safety Hazard Report Form on the EHS & Risk Management website, report the hazard by emailing the concern to riskmanagment_ehs@lamar.edu.  
  3. EHS & Risk Management will investigate the reported hazard and take whatever corrective action, including reporting the hazard to Facilities Management, necessary to ensure that the hazard is corrected.  This may mean taking immediate corrective action to prevent further employee exposure until the hazard is corrected.
  4. Once the corrective action has been taken, the originator of the report, if not anonymous,  will be notified of the corrective action.
  5. Any employee may anonymously submit a report. All such reports will be handled in the same expeditious manner and appropriate feedback provided whenever possible when the corrective action has been taken.

Safety suggestions:

Employees do not have to wait until the hazard is clearly identified.  In fact, all employees are encouraged to submit safety suggestions on how to improve work practices and/or the work environment through riskmangement_ehs@lamar.edu. 


Revised and Modified: 12/06/22