Section 3 - Assignment of Responsibility

A. The Vice President for Finance and Operations

The Vice President for Finance and Operations is responsible for the establishment and monitoring of the Comprehensive Safety Plan.  To accomplish this is the Vice President for Finance and Operations shall:

  1. Promote safety and health considerations as integral components in the planning and decision-making process at all levels of the organization. 
  2. Hold managers/supervisors/employees accountable for acts and conditions within their areas of responsibility and control.
  3. Coordinate with the Lamar University Director of Risk Management over matters concerning Lamar Institute of Technology operations. 
  4. Coordinate with the Lamar University Safety Officer on safety related issues.

B. Lamar University Director of Risk Management

The Lamar University Director of Risk Management is responsible for:

  1. Implementing and monitoring the Comprehensive Safety Plan. 
  2. Assist management and supervisors in establishing reasonable and measurable safety goals and objectives and provide performance feedback in obtaining the established goals and objectives.
  3. Annually review and update as necessary the Comprehensive Safety Plan and manual.
  4. Promote safety awareness through the distribution of educational materials such as posters, flyers, brochures, and safety articles.
  5. Assist management and supervisors with safety related issues and topics to be presented and discussed at scheduled staff meetings. 
  6. Encourage management and supervisors to conduct and document periodic safety inspections of assigned work areas. 
  7. Perform timely analysis of Workers' Compensation injury losses, and at least annually prepare a summary report for the Vice Presidents for Finance and Operations and the Executive Councils of both Lamar University and the Lamar Institute of Technology.
  8. Prepare annual reports for submission to State Office of Risk Management.

C. The Lamar University Safety Coordinator

The Lamar University Safety Coordinator is responsible for administering the employee safety plan. Specifically the safety coordinator is to assist, advise, and guide the operation of the Comprehensive Safety Plan. To accomplish this he/she will:

  1. Prepare information to be presented to all new employees concerning the Plan.
  2. Personally conduct and document at least an annual safety inspection of the entire campus. 
  3. Assist management and supervisors with accident and incident investigation to insure that all mishaps are investigated in a timely and thorough manner and appropriate corrective actions taken.
  4. Maintain a record of all jobs-related injuries or illnesses, and coordinate proper reporting with the University claims coordinator.   
  5. Keep the Lamar University Director of Human Resources informed on an ongoing basis of the status of the Safety Plan. 

E. Managers and Supervisors

Managers and supervisors at all levels are responsible for the effectiveness of the Safety Plan in eliminating or minimizing job related injuries and illnesses.  To do this, they shall:

  1. Accept responsibility for the  Safety Plan.
  2. Observe employees' work practices and take immediate action whether to reinforce safe behavior or correct unsafe behavior or work conditions.
  3. Include discussions and training on safety related issues on topics on a regular basis during staff meetings. 
  4. Ensure procedures are in place to investigate and report in a timely fashion accidents and incidents in the assigned work areas. 

F. Employees

Each employee is responsible and accountable for his or her own safety to the maximum extent possible.  Each employee shall:

  1. Attend and participate in training and discussions concerning safety related issues and concerns. 
  2. Perform assigned tasks and operate equipment in a safe manner. 
  3. Report to supervisor or manager any safety hazard which cannot be immediately corrected. 
  4. Report to work in the physical condition which will allow safe accomplishment of the job.
  5. Attempt to correct, if possible, any observed condition or practice that has caused, or has the potential to cause, an injury or damage to property.  The circumstances and as much fact as possible should be reported to the supervisor immediately.
  6. Seek training opportunities regarding safe work practices and safe operating procedures.

G. Lamar University Risk Management Council

The function of the Council is to review and advise the Executive Councils of Lamar University and the Lamar Institute of Technology on all aspects of Risk Management, including but not limited to identification and analysis of property loss exposures of all kinds and causes, legal liability exposures of all kinds, employee related exposures of all kinds including workers' compensation and unemployment benefits. The Council also advises on ways to finance those risks which cannot be avoided.

In general, the Council is concerned with overall policy and philosophical issues, and does not deal with specific individual losses, incidents or accidents unless necessary in the course of establishing campus wide policies.

H. Lamar University Safety and Health Committee

The charge to the Committee is to advise the Presidents and the Executive Councils of Lamar University and the Lamar Institute of Technology on safety and health issues in order to:

  1. Provide a feedback mechanism for organizational safety issues.
  2. Develop alternative operational solutions for complex safety problems.
  3. Consider employee safety suggestions and concerns.
  4. Reduce loss exposures.
  5. Reduce loss control costs.

The Committee will, if appropriate, review individual accidents or incidents in order to recommend means of preventing reoccurrence.  The Committee will not attempt to apportion blame on individuals for accidents or incidents, but will cite institutional shortcomings. (However, in egregious cases, the committee may suggest that a supervisor review the accident or incident for violation of safety rules or codes of good practice).