Section I - Purpose

The purpose of this manual is to describe the Lamar University Comprehensive Safety Plan and to provide information as to where specialized safety information can be found.

The manual addresses safety items which are of general applicability across the campus. It does not address the special hazards that may be present in specific buildings or in the work of specific departments such as physical plant. Safety training in these departments is the responsibility of each department.

If you have a specific safety problem that you and your supervisor cannot resolve, then you should contact the Safety Officer or the Director of Risk Management. The telephone numbers of these employees are in this manual.

In addition to this manual, the university maintains a comprehensive Risk Management Manual. An emergency procedures manual, intended primarily for senior administrators of the University, is in the final stages of preparation. Some of the procedures described in this manual are distributed to all departments. Each department in which there exist special hazards or which require the use of special safety equipment or procedures will have its own safety manual or other documentation of these procedures.