Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Texas Academy?

The Texas Academy is a program at Lamar University for high achieving high school juniors and students. Students enroll in college courses while completing their high school graduation requirements. The cost of tuition is covered by the state and LU for up to 15 hours per semester.


Is the Texas Academy a Dual-Credit Program?

Texas Academy students are fully enrolled in college courses just like a traditional student. Dual credit programs typically allow for high school students to be enrolled in high school courses while simultaneously taking college courses. Our students are fully enrolled in only college courses.


What are the admission requirements for the Academy?

To apply, students must be currently enrolled or have completed Algebra II by the time of acceptance. Students must also take the SAT and/or ACT and score college ready, or TSI complete before admission.


Do I have to complete Algebra II before applying?

No, you do not have to complete Algebra II to apply. You must have completed it before being accepted.


Do I need to take my SAT and/or ACT before applying?

No, you can apply without having taken your test. You will need to schedule your test and have the met the minimum required scores before being accepted.


Can I retest?

If you do not meet the required scores, you are welcome to retest as many times as needed.  


Do Academy students take classes with college students?

Yes. Academy students are fully enrolled in college courses with all the other undergraduates.


Can Academy students play sports?

Academy students can play intramural or recreational sports. They are not permitted to join the NCAA sports league.


Can Academy students join Lamar University Clubs or Organizations?

Academy students can join everything from LU Organizations to band, choir, cheer, dance team. The only things they are not permitted to join are NCAA sports and Greek Life.


Do I have classes every day?

Class schedules will vary day by day. Our advisor will make your schedule for the first semester, and then you will have the freedom to choose your class times.


Can I work?

Yes! Students are allowed to work if it does not interfere with their classes are Texas Academy required activities.


Can I take Honors classes?

Absolutely! We encourage our students to get a jumpstart on honors courses when they are admitted to the academy.


What is the cost of the Academy?

The state of Texas and Lamar University cover the cost of 15 credit hours per semester for Academy students. Our students are responsible for any additional hours they would like to take, books, and room/board if they choose to live on campus.


Can I live on campus or at home?

Our students have the option to reside on campus or to commute if they live within 30 miles.