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Administered by Texas Workforce Commission, the Governor’s Summer Merit Program aims to inspire Texas youth to pursue STEM-related careers. The camps introduce campers to one or more of six industry clusters: advanced technologies and manufacturing, aerospace and defense, biotechnology and life sciences, information and computer technology, petroleum refining and chemical products, and energy.  

Grants provide the opportunity for students that are 14 years of age by the first day of school to attend camps that prepare them for future high-skill, high-demand jobs. Our camps are currently only open to commuter students. 

The theme for the camp hosted at Lamar University during summer 2023 is Innovation Collaboration.  










    • Minimum age of 14
    • 3.0 GPA

    Application Process

    Staff will submit the reference check form to listed teachers, evaluate applicant records, and select camp participants. All selected participants will be notified by June 1.

    A subsequent registration form will be sent if selected. It will include required documents and further instructions.  


    Daily Schedule

    • 8-8:45 am Check-in at Texas Academy (Circle Drive) 
      • On FRIDAY students need to check-in by 7:45am for Field Trip
    • 9:00 am   Lab 1 
    • 10:10 am Lab 2  
    • 11:15 am Lunch 
    • 12:10 pm Lab 3 
    • 1:20 pm   Lab 4 
    • 2:30 pm   College and Career Readiness 
    • 3:45 pm   Leadership and Problem-Solving Recreation 
    • 5:00 pm   Pick up Texas Academy (Circle Drive) 
      • On FRIDAY pickup is at 3:30pm


    Lab Rotations

    Day 1 - Science

    Homopolar Motors

    Evidence of Chemical Reactions

    Harmonic Motion Analysis using Vibration Exciter


    Day 2 - Robotics

    4 Problem Solving Sessions using Robotics


    Day 3 - Engineering

    Plastics Manufacturing and Recycling

    Water Treatment

    Making Chocolate from the Raw Bean

    Virtual Plant Tours


    Day 4 - Math

    Gilbreath Knots

    Algorithmic Thinking with Legos

    Patterns in Mathmatics using Playing Cards

    Mad Veterinarian Problems


    Day 5 - Industry Perspective

    Representatives from SETX refineries and plants will provide experiements and activities to demonstrate how STEM fields are represented everyday in their industry.

    Each afteroon will include 1 hour of college readiness activities and an 1 hour 15 minutes of problem solving and leadership recreation. 



    Check-in for camp will take place from 8-8:30 each morning in front of the Texas Academy building on Cunningham St.  A parent or guardian must accompany each camper for check in on Day 1.  Parents may choose to allow their camper to check themselves in and out on Days 2-5. Every effort has been made to make this procedure as efficient as possible.  Your patience during this time is greatly appreciated.  

    Each morning, campers will report to the table to be checked-in by camp staff.    

    On Day 1, registration information will be checked for accuracy and parents will indicated their preference for check in and out for the rest of the week.  Once completed, each student participant will receive a name tag on a lanyard. The lanyard and name tag will serve as camp identification and meal pass and must be worn at all times.  

    After receiving the lanyard, please proceed to the dining hall for breakfast and 8:30 morning meeting with your team leader.  

    At 8:45, teams will depart for the day’s rotations. 



    The camp day will end at 5 pm each afternoon.  Students should be picked up no later than 5:30.  Parents may choose to come to the check-out desk and sign out their camper or they may choose to allow their camper to sign themselves out.  You preference should be indicated on the first day of camp at check in.  

    Parents or guardians who need to check their child out of camp early for any reason are asked to come to the Texas Academy building to ask for their child. For the safety of our campers, if a parent is unable to pick up his or her child, written permission must be given by the parent to have the child picked up by someone else.   

    No child will be released from camp without written and signed consent by a custodial parent or legal guardian.  




    Clothing should be casual, comfortable, and in good taste. Please no belly shirts or short shorts. Shoes should be worn at all times. (Please note that there is a recreation rotation where students will be outdoors so dress accordingly.)   


    Spending Money 

    Breakfast lunch and an afternoon snack are provided. Campers may wish to bring a limited amount of cash to spend in the bookstore, Starbucks and at the vending machines. 


    Cell Phones

    Understanding a parents desire to stay in touch with their student, cell phones are allowed but may not be used during academic sessions or recreation. Students may use their phones at lunch and immediately after camp.


    What not to bring

    The drinking and/or possession of alcoholic beverages is strictly forbidden during camp. 

    The possession, use and distribution of any illegal substances/drugs are strictly prohibited. 

    The possession and use of weapons or firearms of any sort is strictly prohibited.  

    The possession, use and distribution of tobacco products is not permitted at any time during camp. This includes all e-cigarettes and “vapes.”  


    Camper Code of Conduct 

    Every participant, faculty, and staff associated with Innovation Collaboration is a to be treated with dignity and respect.  

    Campers are not allowed to leave campus. Anyone caught off campus will be sent home.  

    Please do not run, yell, or make excessive noise.  

    Wear shoes and proper clothing at all times.  

    Please use proper conduct while in the dining hall. After you have eaten your meal, please put away your tray and dispose of all trash. 

    If you are sick or injured, please notify your team leader, or come to the Texas Academy building immediately 

    Use vending machines at your own risk. Lamar University is not responsible for lost change.  

    The schedule for the day is to be observed. For the residential week, the curfew is defined as being in your room with the lights out.  

    The drinking and/or possession of alcoholic beverages is strictly forbidden during camp. 

    The possession, use and distribution of any illegal substances/drugs are strictly prohibited. 

    The possession and use of weapons or firearms of any sort is strictly prohibited.  

    Vandalism, disturbing the peace or inappropriate behavior during camp will not be tolerated.  

    Any damage will be the financial responsibility of the person(s) responsible.  

    The possession, use and distribution of tobacco products is not permitted at any time during camp. This includes all e-cigarettes and “vapes.”  

    Campers are not permitted to use cell phones during academic session or recreation. 

    Any act by a camper that violates federal, state, provincial, or local law will be a violation of this Code of Conduct. 

    Campers and parents will sign a copy of this Code of Conduct, provide complete medical information and release form.  

    Any additional rules pertinent to a specific event shall be announced by the Camp Director or administration and shall be observed as part of this Code of Conduct. 


    Every effort is made to maintain a safe environment for all participants.  However, there are always unforeseen situations in which a student may become ill or have an accident while attending camp.  

    In the event of illness, parents will be notified and will have two options:  

    • Pick up the child (if the medical problem is resolved, the student may return to camp).  
    • Medication may be taken if the medical documentation form has been submitted.
    • Advise the camp staff to take the child to a local health clinic or hospital. The health clinic or hospital will charge their normal fee.   (Note:  the parent or guardian is responsible for any illness expense.) 

    In the event of an accident or emergency, our staff will either take the student to urgent care or an emergency room or call 911 to have medical professionals sent to our location on campus.   In either case, someone will call the emergency contact number provided during registration so that parents/guardians are notified right away.      

    If you do not want the camp staff to follow these procedures, please provide a written statement to the camp director indicating your desires in the event of an emergency, illness or accident.  


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