Research Opportunities


Did you know that Texas Academy students can participate in grant funded research with Lamar University faculty? Students can submit grant proposals through the Office of Undergraduate Research to apply for funding.

Lamar University Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) supports student engagement in the research and creative activities of the university.

The OUR serves as a valuable resource for students beginning to explore the concept of undergraduate research. From helping students discern their own research paths, finding a mentor, to connecting them to research funding programs at Lamar University and beyond.

Check out some of our students below that received research grants in 2022-2023!


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Phillippine Brossard, Class of 2024

Major: Pre Vet

Project: Research in Community Ecology - Comparing Tardigrade Abundance and Community Composition in Lichen From Coastal and Inland Areas: Does Sea Salt Aerosal Matter?


Evelyn Hardy, Class of 2024

Major: Engineering

Project: Effects of 3D Printed Bouligand Structures with Different Pitch Angles on Material’s Dynamic Yield Strength. It uses a structure found in mantis shrimp to hopefully make materials more durable



Maryah Javed, Class of 2024

Major: Pre-Dental

Project: Awareness, Knowledge, and Understanding of Pre-Dental students and Pre-Service teachers on flossing. There are limited studies on the topic; and no studies on the specific observed.


Heena Karani, Class of 2023

Major: Engineering and Math

Project: Conformational Studies of Perfluooroctanoic Acid (PFOA) in Molecular Helicity. PFOA is part of a family of "forever compounds" that do not degrade easily in the environment, They have been linked as a carcinogen and may be found in common items such as some clothing, fast food packaging, and firefighting foam.


Nikhil Patel, Class of 2024

Major: Pre-Med

Project: Does Vaping Nicotine Produce Biomarkers of Oxidative Stress (8-F2-Isoprostanes) in Expired Respiratory Condensate: A Pilot Study. The two goals of this research project: Is vaping nicotine responsible for oxidative stress in the airways of a vaper and does vaping nicotine have a correlation with obstructive lung function in the respiratory system.