LU Hub for Advisors

LU Hub Color LogoWhat is LU Hub?

LU Hub is a highly functional, intuitive platform delivering a holistic campus experience to students, helping to build student engagement outside of the classroom. It also provides a complete toolkit for groups to manage their activities within a private campus network, allowing students to connect, share, and get involved.

Approving Requests

Advisors are required to approve most of the requests submitted by the student organizations they advise and are generally the first approver in the workflow. This means no processing of a request can occur until a decision is made by the advisor. The instructions below will assist you in identifying and deciding on a request, eliminating delays, and allowing the organization's requests to be processed timely.

Step 1

My Activity

Once signed in, if you are not already on the homepage, click Home.

On the left menu, scroll down until you see the My Activity heading. Click My Workflows.

Step 2

My Workflows

Here you will see all the workflows that are still pending action from you. Click View on the workflow you'd like to access.

Step 3

Workflow Open

The workflow pop-up window will open. To view the details of the submission, click Open Submission.

Step 4

Workflow Chat

If needed, you can start a chat with any combination of individuals involved. To do so, click the appropriate chat icon.

These messages will also appear in your main Chat for LU Hub.

Step 5

Workflow Actions

Finally, to approve the request, click the I Approve button next to your name.

If you are not satisfied with the request, and feel it needs alterations, click Requires Modifications. This will allow you to send a message to the submitter and allow them to make changes to the current request.

If you don't approve of the request under any condition, you can click Reject. This will allow you to send a message to the submitter and will require them to submit a new request.