Co-Sponsorship Funds

The Co-Sponsorship program assists Lamar University Registered Student Organizations with funding 50% of campus events and educational travel. Applications are reviewed on a first come, first served basis, so long as funds exist. If approved, the Registered Student Organization will be able to request payments using these funds. Funds that were awarded and cannot be properly documented on their use will be unavailable to the organization.

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Submitting a Request for Funds

Co-Sponsorship requests must be submitted by an organization officer via LU Hub and must be approved by the organization's advisor before entering the approval workflow. To submit a request, navigate to the Budgeting page, under Money on the group's page of LU Hub. Select the appropriate budget (Campus Event or Educational Travel) and select Create Budget Request. All spending related to the request should be entered. The amount awarded will be 50% of the total justified amount needed. Meaning, if $500 is justified as the total needed to support the event or travel, $250 will be awarded.

For Campus Events

Organizations looking to request funding for an event may do so if the event is open and marketed to all Lamar University students and has a university-wide impact.

Maximum per request: $1500
Maximum per semester: $3000

For Educational Travel

Organizations looking to request funding for educational travel may do so if there is more than one student from the organization traveling.

Maximum per request: $1500
Maximum per year: $1500

Utilizing Funds

Once awarded, Co-Sponsorship funds will be available to the organization up to 21 days after the event or travel date. To utilize these funds, select Request Payment on the Budgeting page, under Money on the group's page of LU Hub. This will open the Payment Request form and allow you to utilize the Co-Sponsorship funds ("Allocated") in addition to your Group Funds. Payment requests should be entered on the appropriate item type line (For example: reimbursement or payment for hotel accommodations should be requested from the Lodging line).


Co-Sponsorship funding cannot be used for the following:

  • Alcohol or tobacco
  • Apparel for members or officers of the organization
  • Concerts
  • Firearms or ammunition
  • Gift Cards
  • Honorariums
  • Marketing supplies or similar promotional items for the organization
  • Materials for a competition or senior design project
  • Meetings or banquets