Event Services and Room Reservations

The Event Services Office will assist student organizations and university departments in arranging audio/visual equipment, event set-up and take-down, and will guide their clients in following university policies on food, marketing, and security. Event Services provides these and other services to all events in the Setzer Student Center (SSC), the Sheila Umphrey Recreational Sports Center (SURC), at tabling locations, and designated Outdoor Spaces. Event Services provides, for student organizations only, reservations for all other facilities on-campus.

Begin Your Reservation

Based on the type of group hosting the event, select the appropriate option below.

Please note: all reservations must be submitted a minimum of 14 days, 21 days if the estimated attendance is over 100, in advance. Most LU RSO's may book a maximum of 9 months in advance, and most departments may book a maximum of 6 months in advance.

Any LU Student Organization that is registered and approved by Student Organization Services.

University Department

Any Lamar University college, department, office, or division.

Non-profit and for-profit organizations, companies, or groups.

Reservation Policies and Fees

A thorough set of reservation policies has been established to provide regulations, and user-responsibilities to reserve space in the SSC, the SURC, Outdoor Spaces, and tabling locations. Additionally, to effectively schedule events, a tiered reservation system has been developed, with each tier having a different reservation window depending on the group type.

On some occasions, fees may need to be charged to organizations. If this is necessary, organizations will receive expected charges outlined in their non-contractual confirmation; then, upon completion of the event, they will receive an invoice with final charges due. To see what charges you might expect, when, and why, review our fee schedule and definitions.

Spaces and Services

Event Services is proud to offer a wide variety of spaces and flexible layouts to meet the needs of any event. Whether it be a simple meeting or formal event, we have the perfect space for anything.

We also offer a variety of standard audio-visual equipment available, include your needs in your reservation request and we will work with you on what can be provided.

Cardinal Catering Services

A full-service caterer is located on campus to serve all event needs. Cardinal Catering will give you customized assistance in planning your catered events. They may be reached via their website or by contacting cardinalcatering@compass-usa.com or 409-880-8925.

Contact Us

Event Services
Setzer Student Center 270

If you have issues during your event, please contact us at 409-550-0100