How to Be a Great Organization

The Basics

We know starting a new organization or new officer position can be tough, so here are some best practices, tips, and tricks to being a great student organization!

Meet Regularly – This is essential for all groups! Even if your group is seasonal, it is a promising idea to schedule regular meetings, make sure you keep to it! There is nothing worse or more frustrating for a new member than to show up to a meeting that has been canceled. Sometimes this is unavoidable. We get it. If you do have to cancel, make sure you notify everyone as soon as possible, so you are not wasting people’s time.

Have an Agenda – Meetings are most effective when everyone knows what is going on. Agendas can be simple or elaborate. Do what fits your organization the most. Student Organization Services is happy to help you learn how to create a meeting agenda if you need it. Just email us and let us know!​

Do What You Say, Say What You Do – A good member and leader always follows through. Attending an event, running the meeting, whatever the case may be. Do what you say you are going to do. Hold yourself and your members accountable.​

Create a Sense of Belonging – With any group or team, it is important that everyone feels a sense of belonging and that they are a part of something bigger than themselves. If a new member arrives at a meeting and does not feel welcome, they may not want to return. Be sure to contact all members regularly, and most of all, be a friend to them. By doing this, every person feels a sense of belonging and will contribute to the team. When people feel as though they belong, they are more likely to stay in the organization and contribute to the growth of the organization.

Recruit New Members – This is necessary for any student organization! People will come and go from your organization. They will graduate and move on. If your roommate or best friend is not involved in your group, invite them to an event or meeting! There are lots of people who want to be involved and asked to be involved, so take a chance! The worst that will happen is they tell you no! Participate in the Involvement Fair every Fall and Spring, and during the New Student Orientation Organization Fair.