Makerspace / The Bird House

the bird house

The Lamar University Makerspace is a 7,700 square foot collaborative workspace for learning, exploring and sharing using high tech to no tech tools. The space provides access to a variety of maker equipment and is open to students who are assisted by a faculty mentor. Makerspace provides hands on learning help with critical thinking skills in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).

Welcome to the Bird House!

The Science and Technology Building does not provide supplies for completing projects, you will need to supply your own materials.


Lamar University's Makerspace provides an environment for all students, faculty, and staff to experience hands on design. The Makerspace lab has multiple instruments available to create and inspire projects. 

Those wishing to use the space and instruments should contact the Science and Technology Building administrators.  Access to Makerspace and its instruments require card access and the completion of CITI laboratory safety

Choose an instrument and learn more!

3d printer


For more information regarding Makerspace access, instruments and lab safety training please contact:

phone  (409) 880-8447