CITI Lab Safety Training

CITI Account Access Instructions


Go to CITI program


Click "Register" to create a CITI account. If you already have a CITI account, skip to step 7.


In the box titled "Select Your Organization Affiliation", type in Lamar University. Check appropriate box to agree to terms of service and affirm you are an affiliate of Lamar University and click to continue.


Enter personal information in the appropriate boxes and click "Continue to step 5".


Create username, password, and security questions and click "Continue to step 6". You should receive a confirmation email from CITI.


Answer the series of questions provided. Select "NO" when asked about continuing education credits. On question 9, select Laboratory Chemical Safety.


Log in and see "Course Ready to Begin". Click "Start Now" to complete course for the module.

(If you do not see Laboratory Chemical Safety as an available course, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on "Learner tools for Lamar University". Then click on "add a course". On question 9 select "Laboratory chemical Safety". Submit this questionnaire and return to your course page.)


Read the information provided for each module and complete the quiz at the end. Quizzes can be retaken as many times as necessary.


Once you have passes the course, CITI will email you a link to your completion certificate. Click this link and download the certificate and save it to your computer.


Email the completion certificate to with the subject line: Laboratory Chemical Safety Certificate. In the body of the email, include: full name, L-number, name of faculty PI/Sponsor, room numbers for which you are requesting access. Access should be granted in 1-2 business days after receipt of this information.

For questions please contact the following:
Lab safety training certificate submissions:
CITI program issues: CITI Support