The Science and Technology building provides a modern instructional facility for mathematics, lab sciences, and technology research. Scattered throughout the building are classrooms and labs of various sizes and configurations that are flexible, adaptable, and allow for experimentation.

Lamar University researchers are investigating topics as diverse as the neural basis for learning mathematics, to how the virtual environments support scientific inquiry. Advancements in STEM research is the cutting edge in teaching and learning.


Research Faculty

Lamar University has active research faculty conducting and advancing the mission of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Our research opportunities and expertise are both broad and deep. Some may have opportunities for students to work on a project.  Our faculty are leading researchers in the STEM field and their work is at the forefront of leading change in schools as they prepare students for their future.

Science and Technology Building Faculty

Ashwini Kucknoor - Biology
Matthew Hoch - Biology
Maryam Vasefi - Biology
Xingya Liu- Computer Science

Clayton Jeffryes - Chemical Engineering
James Henry - Chemical Engineering
Thinesh Selvaratnam - Civil Engineering