Licensing and Trademarks

We promote the Lamar University brand and ensure the public can properly identify and associate the University's name and logos with officially licensed products bearing the University's marks.

Licensing also ensures that the quality, content, production and distribution of products and designs meets university goals and standards. All Lamar University trademarks are the property of Lamar University, a member of the Texas State University System.


Licensed Vendors

A complete list of vendors licensed with Lamar University.

Visual Standards

Visual Standards

Guidelines for all printed, electronic, promotional and retail items for Lamar University and Athletics.


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Legal Notice

This website is not intended and should not be construed as a statement of applicable law nor a definitive explanation of the scope of Lamar University's legal rights nor otherwise to provide any legal advice or opinion.

It is the policy of Lamar University to require a license for any use of any of its trademarks, and for any other activity involving its trademarks, that if unlicensed would constitute a trademark infringement or trademark dilution, but it is not the intent of Lamar University's policy to limit or prevent or to require the licensing of activity that would not infringe or dilute Lamar University's legal rights, e.g., the legitimate exercise of the constitutional right of free speech or trademark or copyright fair use.

However, Lamar University does not provide advisory legal opinions or any other form of legal advice to third parties as to whether a proposed use of its trademarks may constitute permissible free speech or fair use or otherwise to not require a license.

The denial by Lamar University of any application for a license does not necessarily imply or infer that the requested activity would per se infringe or dilute any trademark, nor that the activity necessarily requires a license. Interested parties are encouraged to seek their own legal counsel on any questions concerning the need for or terms of a license from Lamar University.