• Courier Selection

    Courier selection depends on several factors.

    What is the required arrival time? Approximately 65 percent of overnight mail doesn't have to arrive at a specific time, just the next day or the second day.

    Where is the delivery destination? Consider whether the destination is a local area, state area, regional area, national or international destination.

    All couriers (with few exceptions) do offer delivery:

    1. By noon
    2. Afternoon (by 3:00 p.m. or 5:00 p.m.)
    3. Next morning
    4. Second business day

    However, each service level listed above has a different price schedule, and not all couriers go to all places within the same time frame.

    Destinations within the state and up to approximately 150 miles are often best served by local and regional couriers at a considerable price reduction over the national couriers.

    International Courier Selection

    If facsimile service is not available, or not a logical means to deliver your materials, you may elect to use one of our international couriers. Note: International courier service may require special documentation or customs declarations.

    Consolidation to Redundant Addresses

    In all situations, the Mail center will determine packaging and courier selections for expedited deliveries. Senders select their need level on their Mail Services Request form, and the department account index is charged for all costs.

  • Inter-Office/Intra-Campus Mail

    Mail of any kind for transport by the U.S. Postal Service should be enclosed in an appropriate envelope or parcel and sealed. The type of enclosure determines the mailing classification.

    Inter-Office and Intra-Campus Mail:

    This is internal mail consisting of loose or enveloped correspondence. To provide proper delivery, internal mail requires a Full Name, Department Name and Assigned P.O. Box number.

    Inter-Office/Intra-Campus Envelopes:

    These are envelopes used repeatedly for in-house or internal mailings. When using inter-office envelopes, make sure all previous recipients have been marked out to ensure proper handling and direction to the intended recipient. The addressee is always to appear on the last line. Do not address between previous recipients. These envelopes will not be forwarded through the U.S. mail system.

    Inter-office envelopes can also be used for intra-campus mail, or mail to other campus locations. For a list of locations serviced on a daily basis see the delivery schedule.

    More information about addressing on campus mail.

    Plain Envelopes:

    When addressing campus mail on white envelopes, the two line format is preferred. Place the words CAMPUS MAIL in the upper right corner of the mail piece. This will enable us to identify the envelope. We request you avoid three or more lines since such mail can be mistaken for U.S. Mail. Mail addressed to faculty/staff for campus distribution should be bundled separately to avoid the placement of postage on the mailpieces.

    Distribution Lists:

    See Guidelines for Campus Announcements on the Marketing Communication site.  Highlight the department and corresponding P.O. Box number with a colored marker. Campus-wide distributions must be in P.O. Box number order and rubber banded together when brought to the Mail center.

    Single Sheet (Non-Confidential) Correspondence:

    Single sheet, non-confidential correspondence should be inserted into an inter-office envelope. If a department is processing more than four (4) mailpieces, place a rubber band around the campus and/or metered mail before delivering to the university Mail center.

    Confidential Correspondence:

    Confidential correspondence should be inserted into our special inter-office confidential mail envelope. This ensures against mis-direction, mis-handling, or loss due to previous markings or lack of proper security.

    Multiple Page Items:

    Multiple page memos, letters, magazines, books, etc. should be inserted into an inter-office envelope to facilitate handling. This will prevent single page correspondence or small pieces of mail from becoming trapped between the pages of multiple page items.

    Window Envelope Enclosures:

    Please do not staple mail into envelopes. Enclosures that are designed so that the address appears in a window envelope must not be stapled to prevent slippage of the address from window view. If the addressed enclosure does not properly fit the window, please use an envelope without a window.

    Internal Parcels:

    To provide proper delivery of internal parcels and packages, place the words CAMPUS MAIL in the upper right corner of the mail piece. Then using the two line format include the Full Name, Department Name and Assigned P.O. Box number.


    Examples of items that cannot be mailed in envelopes are paper clips, metal pieces, glass parts, and chemicals. Non-mailable items will jam or damage the mailing machines and can cause serious injury to Mail center employees.

    In addition, envelopes and cards that do not meet the following dimensions are also classified as non-mailables and may be returned to the sender:

    Height 3.5 "
    Length 5 "
    Thickness 0.007 " (Thickness of a postcard

    It is recommended that the mailer should call the university Mail center for assistance when mailing questionable items to U.S. or foreign destinations. All foreign countries also impose various restrictions.

    Change of Address (Internal):

    A change of your internal location must be acted upon promptly. Notify the Mail center and Human Resources in writing of your new department P.O. Box number and telephone number.

    Individual or Business address:

    A customer may inform the Mail center of a change of address by using USPS Form 3575 or other written or personal notice. A change of address may be filed with the USPS for an individual's mail addressed to an organization, or for an individual's mail addressed to his or her place of employment, business, or other affiliation either during or after the termination of the employment, business or other relationship. An organization may change the address (but not the name) on mail to redirect it to such individuals. Obliteration of any barcode on the mailpiece prevents missorting on automated mailing equipment.
  • Package Tracking

    Packages may be tracked by accessing the courier's website. Accountable by airbill number. We track inbound and outbound courier mail by department name and account index. We maintain internal delivery records for six months by individual name, department, account index, transaction date, airbill or courier. Visit the courier websites (in the Quicklinks menu on the right) for additional information.

    Please contact us at (409) 880-8485 if you have questions.

  • Stamps

    Stamps are a versatile and convenient method of postage for mailing and can also be used for collecting (first-day covers, commemorative panels, uncut press sheets) and for fun (stamp-inspired artwork, books, plush animals).

    Buy Stamps Online

  • Student, Faculty and Staff Guide

    This is a guide for students, faculty, and/or staff receiving mail through Lamar University Mail Center. Should you have any questions or concerns which are not covered in this webpage, please contact the Mail Center at (409) 880-2232 or (409) 880-8485.

    The University Mail Center is a full service federal postal facility. Federal mail is delivered twice daily at 7:30 a.m. and 10:00 a.m.

    The University Mail Center is the official drop-off/pick-up point for all federal and express courier mail/parcels. Other independent couriers deliver parcels, next day air, and second day air based on their delivery policies.

    The physical address for express couriers (FedEx and UPS) is 211 Redbird Lane, Beaumont, TX 77710.

    Note: Only one person per mail box. Mail cannot be received for another person in this designated box. Personal mail cannot be received in boxes designated for IFC and/or Pan-hellenic organizations.

    Organizations must submit an updated list of officers at the beginning of each academic year or when new officers are elected. There is no general delivery.

    Please instruct correspondents to use the correct zip code + the last four digits of the assigned box number for mail addressed to you. Experience has shown that most delayed mail results from an incomplete mailing address and/or an incorrect zip code.

    Correct Mailing Address

    For the mail addressed to you, the correct mailing address is:

    Name: <Your name>

    Lamar University

    P.O. Box <Use your assigned box number>

    Beaumont TX 77710-_________ <Last four digits of assigned box number>


    Mail boxes are available for rent for a fee of $15 per year. Mail box rental fees can be paid in the Cashier's Office, located in the Wimberly Student Services building, or online. BOX RENTAL FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. When renewing your mail box rental, please bring your payment receipt to the Mail Center window sales clerk to update yearly records. 

    Change of Address

    When you move to a location outside the Beaumont 77710 area code, you should complete and submit a Change-of-Address request to eliminate delay in receipt of your mail. Failure to submit a Change-of-Address request will cause your mail to be returned to the sender.

    If you currently rent a university Mail Center postal box, you must use Mail Center form PS 3575.

    All others, please change your address online at

  • General Guidelines

    Notify Us in Case of Missing Mail

    If you suspect missing mail, notify the University Mail Center director at 880-8485, and provide pertinent information regarding the specific mail piece. Theft by mail is a federal offense punishable with fines and/or imprisonment. The United States Postal Service may be contacted by calling 1-800-ASK-USPS (1-800-275-8777) or online at

    Do Not Send Cash in Mail

    Advise correspondents not to send cash through the mail. When sending monetary gifts do so in the form of a POSTAL money order. Postal money orders may be purchased and cashed at the University Mail Center. Items of value, such as airplane tickets, expensive medicines, etc., should be sent using express couriers, certified, or insured mail.

    Cash on Delivery

    Cash on delivery articles are retained by the University Mail Center, and you will be notified upon receipt of the item(s). You must pay for the item(s) with cash, money order and/or check and then the item will be released into your custody.

    Accountable Mail

    Accountable mail is defined as USPS registered, certified, insured, express delivery and/or signature confirmation. You will be notified upon receipt of an accountable mail item bearing your name and/or box designation. You must come to the University Mail Center distribution window to sign for and take possession of the item. Unclaimed items will be returned to the sender fifteen (15) days after the initial notification of receipt is delivered to the addressee.

    Large Packages, Parcels and/or Flats

    University mail box renters receive package notification form(s) for large packages and/or articles. In order to claim large packages and/or articles bearing your name, please present your parcel notification form and a picture ID at the Mail Center distribution window. Note: Picture ID required for pick-up of all accountable mail, parcels, and flats for delivery to patrons.

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