Authorization to Hold Mail
PS Form 8076 (PDF)

Application for Post Office Box or Caller Service
PS Form 1093

Mail Forwarding Change of Address Form
PS Form 3575 (PDF)

Postage Statement - Extra Services
PS Form 3540 S (PDF)

Postage Statement - Standard Mail
PS Form 3602 R (PDF)

Postage Statement - First-Class Mail & Priority Mail
PS Form 3600 R (PDF)

Postage Statement - Package Services
PS Form 3605 R (PDF)

Mailing List Application - Mail Transportation Services
PS Form 5436 (PDF)
Bulk Proof of Delivery Application
PS Form 5053 (PDF)

Bulk Insured Service (BIS) Application
PS Form 1111 (PDF)

Qualified Business Reply Mail (QBRM) Application
PS Form 6805 (PDF)

Agreement for Acceptance of Food Items
PS Form 6011 (PDF)

Certificate of Mailing
PS Form 3817 (PDF)

Application for Employment
PS Form 2591 (PDF)

Mail Fraud Report
PS Form 8165 (PDF)