Mail Policy

All incoming and outgoing mail processed by the University Mail center must be university business. The Mail center may audit all campus mailings for content by visually inspecting a random sample to ensure compliance with relevant statutes and policies. The Mail center will not process internal campus mailings intended for commercial, personal or private gain or for commercial advertising for organizations or individuals not affiliated with the university.

Note: Employees may not use the campus mail system for receiving or sending personal mail. The purpose of the campus mail service is to support the necessary communications for university business only. It also may not be used for the purposes of organizations and activities not sanctioned by the university or for political purposes.

Personal Mail

Lamar University is committed to the efficient use of State employee time and Texas taxpayer funds in the administrative support of its academic, research and community service functions. Therefore, it is necessary to provide reasonable restrictions concerning personal mail of University staff and faculty that is not related to the official business, mission or purpose of Lamar University.

Personal mail is defined as any mail not related to Lamar University or your position at Lamar University such as: utility bills, credit cards, bank accounts, and periodicals. Lamar University requires that all faculty and staff receive their personal mail at home or at a permanent address. Occasional correspondence from friends and/or colleagues is acceptable. Your departmental Lamar University address should never be given as your permanent address. Faculty and staff may make application to open a post office box at the University Mail center, depending on availability.

Lamar University policy states that the campus mail system is reserved exclusively for university business. Faculty and staff are not permitted to receive any incoming mail of a personal nature at work, nor may the inter- or intra-campus mail system be used for anything other than university business.

An employee’s personal residence may not be considered to be their regular place of business or duty point without the written authorization of the President of the university.

If you have questions regarding personal mail, please contact Tod Byerly, Manger, Distribution Services at 880-7103 or Theresa Pecorino, Postal Services Asst. Senior at 409-880-2232.

Sending Mail

As a courtesy to university faculty and staff, the Mail center will process any stamped mail from departments along with other mail that is delivered to the university Mail center. Mail must be sealed and have the correct postage affixed. All stamped mail must be kept separate from metered and campus mail.

Personal mail cannot be billed to a department index. There are no exceptions. Mail that appears to be personal will be held in the Mail center and the appropriate department head will be notified for clarification.

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